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Pathologist Assistant
The Bronx, NY
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Pathologist Assistant – Bronx, NY 


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Job Description 


Responsible for the laboratory testing of blood, urine, and body fluids for disease diagnosis and health maintenance. Utilizing the latest advances in computer technology, the Division maintains millions of dollars of state-of-the-art automated equipment at its laboratory sites and services hospitals, nursing homes, faculty practices, and voluntary physicians' offices at more than 40 sites. 

The Pathologists Assistant will perform established departmental procedures of Anatomic Pathology in proper and accurate accessioning of surgical specimens received in Surgical Pathology into the Epic Beaker Laboratory information system, gross description and submission of tissue biopsies, uncomplicated and complicated specimen received from the OR using standard departmental approved protocols, submitting tissue samples for histologic processing, assisting in intraoperative consultation (frozen section), Research tissue procurement, Knowledge of established protocol for the procurement of tissue samples for special studies (Flow cytometry, Cytogenetics, EM, etc.) Knowledge of all Surgical Pathology work flow patterns of all surgical specimens. Knowledgeable in all established autopsy protocols and perform/assist in organ evisceration and brain removal. 

Pathologist Assistant (Healthcare Sciences) 

Job Responsibilities 

Position Title: Pathologist Assistant 

Shifts Available:  

  1. 9:30am -6:00pm 
  2. 9:00am – 5:30am 

Location: Bronx, NY 

Skills and abilities of a Pathologist Assistant includes:  

  • Receiving specimens from the operating room and/or endoscopy suite. 
  • Clerical duties in the Surgical Pathology cutting room.  Perform order entry and update in the LIS (Epic Beaker) 
  • Organizational skills and being able to prioritize daily activities. 
  • Handle small fragments of uncomplicated tissue samples 
  • Gross examination and submitting appropriate tissue sections from large, complicated surgical specimens for proper histologic diagnostic examination 
  • Preparing and cutting tissue samples for frozen sections at 5 μ (microns) in a cryostat 
  • Stain routine Hematoxylin/ Eosin 
  • Perform all routine work, quality control to ensure high standards in the laboratory 
  • Process requests from pathology residents and Attending to ensure that work order is complete 
  • Procurement of all fresh tissue samples for research and/or specialized studies( Cytogenetics, flow cytometry, EM,etc) 
  • Organizing/ storage and retrieval of surgical specimens until discarding 
  • Using a voice recognition application, dictate the gross examination of all types of specimen 
  • Knowledge of specimen rotation and retrieval methods in the cutting room and storage facilities 
  • Participation and assisting in organ evisceration and brain removal in autopsy cases 
  • Proper disposal of tissue and chemical waste in the cutting room and histology 
  • Perform any other functions as departmental needs requires it 
  • When necessary, able to train other staff on cutting   room procedures 


Pathologist Assistant (Healthcare Sciences) 

Job Requirements 

Successful candidates for the Pathologist Assistant: 

  • State of New York License for Pathologist Assistant required 
  • Some knowledge in Histology and Immunopathology procedures preferred 
  • Cryo-rotary Microtome (Leica, Microm, Tissue-Tek) 
  • Laboratory Information System: Epic Beaker 
  • Scales (Electronic and Manual) 
  • Microwave 
  • Graduate cylinder 
  • Standard autopsy saw (Stryker autopsy saw) 
  • Surgical instruments (scissors, scalpel blades and handle, probes, forceps, etc.) 
  • Gross dissecting microscope 
  • Dictation equipment 
  • Cassette labeling machine 
  • Knowledge of the policies and procedures for all Surgical Cutting Room techniques 
  • Knowledge of the policies and procedures for all Autopsy techniques 
  • Knowledge of proper operation of all equipment used in Surgical Cutting Room and autopsy suite 


Pathologist Assistant (Healthcare Sciences) 

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