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Warehouse Operator - 1757242
Carlstadt, NJ
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Job Description

Scheduled shift: 3 am - 11:30 am, Monday - Saturday

Order Assigning

  • Responsible for leading and assigning the group of Machine Operators and Pick/Packers to process the received orders through a Wave process on WMS
  • Determine the number of the workers needed for the daily operation in each warehouse zone and assign appropriately
  • Monitor order completion status and promptly resolve any issues that may arise

Receiving and Unloading

  • Coordinate and manage the truck docking process of the inbound and outbound trucks
  • Review order documents and manage the accuracy of information of the delivered pallets and products
  • Report damages or discrepancies to Warehouse Management and related departments
  • Create Shipment No. on WMS and matching it with PO# on B1to update the transactions on WMS
  • Lead the inspection process of incoming products for quality, quantity, expiration date, and Lot No., and create the Pallet License Plates

Storing and Organizing

  • Lead the assigned group of Pick/Packers and Machine Operators by providing instructions to move and store the received pallets
  • Responsible for assigning Pick/Packers on relocation of the pallets for merging and replenishment
  • Inspect actual inventory and the status of rack occupation on a regular basis
  • Check and manage warehouse conditions daily and manage the overall safety, organization, and cleanliness of the workspace

Loading and Shipping

  • Oversee the inspection process of outgoing pallets
  • Direct Machine Operators on the order loading
  • Ensure the loading process is completed safely and accurately, and monitor the completion status of loading
  • Communicate the status of the loading process with the front office


Job Qualification

  • High school degree or equivalent
  • Must be able to Read, Write, and speak in English
  • Proficiency in Korean and/or Spanish is preferred
  • Experience in Distribution Logistics preferred
  • Experience with a forklift, electric jack, and pallet jack preferred
  • Able to operate a forklift (when certified)
  • Knowledge of warehouse safety and material handling procedures is advantageous
  • Ability to coordinate a group of people on a job

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