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IT Support (EN/KR) - 1294135
Englewood Cliffs, NJ
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As a digital growth partner, our client company provides with digital transformation excellence in cloud, Al/Big data, smart factory and logistics, smart city, block chain and other technologies for wide variety of businesses. They are currently looking for an Entry Level IT Support/Help Desk for their New Jersey location:

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Manage inventory of new PCs and keep track record
  • Manage inventory of returned PC from users, prepare for re-use, manage storage/data for legal purpose
  • Manage inventory of loaner PC including VIP loaner PC, prepare for loaner PC use, keep track in and out record of loaner PCs
  • Provide support of PC and equipment disposal for Property Management team and PC audit for Audit team
  • Prepare PC from inventory - install and configure any necessary software and deploy the PC to the users - and PC setup for new hires or replacement for existing users. For the user accounts, follow up account activation status with HR
  • Perform testing of new PC model to check Application compatibility and prepare new installation HDD/SSD image
  • Perform PC part upgrade or replacement with spare/new part
  • Shipment of PC or other IT equipment to other offices or to remote users - track, receive PC/equipment from other office or remote users and manage/track inventory
  • Test new PC model's performance and overall compatibility with installation files
  • Upgrade and maintanace of most up-to-date Windows Operation system
  • Create and test new image files for PC deployment
  • Set up temporary PCs or preserve PCs on as per Audit Team's request
  • Perform peripheral device installation and configure driver and any necessary setup
  • Perform transferring data from one storage device to another storage device
  • Provide user support regarding VDI
  • Provide user support regarding Software related with VDI
  • Provide user support regarding printer and scanner connection on VDI
  • Monitoring VDI status
  • Provide user support regarding E-mail system
  • Analyze records and logs to spot underlying trends and potential issues.
  • Provide support on VDI management policies
  • Troubleshoot and repair PC's HW/SW
  • Perform manual scanning and removal of malware in PC, check and make sure anti-virus software is properly running
  • Perform troubleshooting PC’s wired/wireless issue and configure proper setting
  • Perform installation, configuration and troubleshoot of peripheral device such as printer, scanner, and other PC accessories
  • Perform installation, update and troubleshoot of PC installed application and LG Intranet system
  • Perform scanning and checking of storage device and provide support for recovering data from failed storage device (3rd party vendor can be involved)
  • Perform security system update on user PC and if there are any issues, investigate and escalate to Information Security team if necessary.
  • Provide any necessary support upon request of Information security/Legal/Audit team for PC and storage data.
  • Provide support to VIPs regular basis with scheduling, prioritize support for VIP’s request and issue and reported/escalated.
  • Provide support of local/remote users and VIPs in emergency

Education and Experience:

  • Bachelor's Degree preferred.
  • 1-3 years of experience in IT Support field
  • Working knowledge of file server (Widows, Linux) FTP server
  • Basic level on network structure and diagram
  • Working knowledge of fundamental operations of relevant software, hardware and other equipment
  • Knowledge and experience of customer service practices

Working Hours: Mon-Fri, 8AM to 5PM.

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