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Mechanical Engineer / Operator (EN/KR)- 1652752
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Responsible for the manual set up and operations of a slitting equipment to cut material according to customer’s specified dimensions based on production work order while ensuring that safety, quality, and production standards are met.



·        Sets up and operates a manual slitting machine to cut the coil into strips of specified widths based on the production job order.

·        Reconcile coil identity (stainless or regular steel) for production and load coil.

·        Monitor and maintain production and quality standards by measuring and verifying before, during, and after the process by:

·        Direct Operator Helper on how to stage coils to be processed for maximum efficiency.

·        Safely operate a forklift to stage and store material and overhead crane to transport coils to packaging.

·         Use precision when operating tools such as tape measures, micrometers, nibblers, and calipers.

·        Cross-train the Machine Operator and Operator Helper.

·        Maintain a clean and safe workplace by applying the 5S (sort, straighten, shine, standardize, and sustain working area).

·        Ensure quality inspections are being done consistently, take photos of the label, sides & front before loading and unloading the line.

·        Demonstrate the ability to properly lockout all areas of slitter and dangers associated with working around the blades and knife sections of the machine.



·        Bachelor Degree in Engineering or closely related field.

·        Proficiency in Microsoft Office

·        Positive attitude, exemplary attendance, and reliable team member.

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