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IT Developer (Manager ~ Sr. Manager) - 1300811
Englewood Cliffs, NJ
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Our client is a subsidiary of Global Fortune 150 company and they are a total Global IT service provider located in Englewood Cliffs, NJ with $5 Billion in revenue and 6000 employees globally. They are currently seeking a talented Korean/English bilingual for IT Developer (Manager ~ Sr. Manager Level) position.

Position: IT developer / Manager, Sr. Manager

Requirement: We are searching for outstanding IT developer who will be responsible for maintaining logistics related systems and creating SCM(Supply Chain Management) related new business. This position mainly supports logistics systems but also needs to participate in developing a new system and functions with other team members. Our web developers are capable of full cycle project leadership including application architecture, design, site layout, UI, database design/programming, and java development. 


The candidate must have professionalism and customer minded attitude working with the employees and attending business meetings.


- A bachelor's degree, as well as a minimum of 7~16 years of hands-on experience.

- Fluent English, great oral and written skills, presentation skills, hard-working, fast learning, various system maintenances & trouble-shooting, Working with Overseas employees.


Role & Responsibility:

1.1  IT system maintenance and development

·       Maintaining and developing SCM related systems such as TMS, WMS and other systems.

·       Detailed technical design, development, testing, implementation and maintenance.

·       Developing the Mobile Application in a cloud environment. (AWS, Azure)

·       Reviewing and understanding business requirements working with cross-functional teams.

·       Oracle SQL/PL-SQL development and maintenance Unix/Windows server.

·       Interviews users, analyzing their IT needs in order to develop descriptions of moderately complex systems proposals.

·       Lead and support EDI, API connection task with outside partners.

·       Lead the automation solution and tasks and maintain the solutions (with RPA and other automated methods).

·       Developing and maintaining the mobile applications on iOS, Android OS.

·       I/F between TMS/YMS/local system and other HQ systems, Local systems.

·       Provides technical guidance system information and instruction to lower level IT staff, assisting with specific work problems requiring a broader knowledge of subject matter processing.


1.2  IT System improvement and problem solving, Quality assurance

·       Continuously improve and manage IT systems to maintain optimal operating conditions.

·       Perform your work according to the quality control procedures set by the company, and report the results continuously.

·       When a system operation issue occurs, all activities are carried out so that the problem can be resolved, and efforts are made to maintain the improvement after the problem is resolved.

·       Issues analysis and problem solving.

1.3  Presenting the optimal model systematically according to business Data analysis and what-if simulation

·       Analyze a big data with various techniques and present the results.

·       Presenting the optimal model systematically according to business requirements.

·       Deliver the analyzed data effectively to the business and collaborate with the customer for execution.

1.4  Master Data management

·       Maintaining the master data of TMS such as tariff, carrier information, fuel information and etc.

·       The person in charge creates and maintains the system master data related to the operation of the GWMS and other logistics systems.


1.5 Business Operation support

·        The person in charge continuously attends business meetings and provides ideas as IT expert and supports the derivation of systemic improvement plans.

·        Monthly transportation cost closing.

·        Training carrier and customers.


Preferred Technical Skills:

- Bilingual for English and Korean

- Experience with development or maintenance of SCM related systems.

- Experience using JAVA/J2EE or other web related languages such as JS/jQuery.

- Experience using SQL, PL-SQL on Oracle/MS-SQL.

- Experience developing Mobile App will be strongly preferred.

- Working in corporate IT field will provide opportunity of consistent learning environment and hand-on implementation.


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