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Logistics Analyst- Cost Management (EN/KR) - 957039
Dalton, GA
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The Logistics Analyst (Cost management) is responsible for Overall Planning the Logistics cost and Manufacturing cost analyzing the billing operations and cost reduction to achieve excellence in executing and controlling assigned Business Plan.


  • Plan Monthly Logistics cost for year.
  • Planning Warehouse operating cost based on Yearly Production volume.
  • Actual Logistics Cost analyzes compared with monthly plan Beside BP cost.
  • Manufactural cost analyzes for raw materials about Import transportation cost.
  • Manage and lead yearly logistics cost reduction plan.
  • Analyze reasons for cost reduction.
  • Manage Logistics cost reduction compared with BP (Research reason if underperformance)
  • Monthly logistics cost expense reports to HQ
  • Report Actual cost compared BP, Specific Logistics cost and Irregular logistics cost.
  • Irregular cost detail Analysis and reporting (if needed)
  • Verification of Freight contracted cost compare with billing cost.
  • Validate and approve 3PL invoices for payment and monitor logistics cost development.
  • Ensure shipping documentation is complete and accurate.
  • Review all invoices for appropriate documentation.
  • Check and manage logistics procedures, human resources and outsourcing.
  • Negotiation with additional cost outside of contract.
  • Maintaining Logistics master-data.
  • Set up/verify exact HS code for materials.
  • Customs clearance management.
  • Responsible for tasks such as updating market data and managing subscriptions.
  • Customs clearance for equipment, spare parts, and handling related certificates and other documents.
  • Management for actual duty refund and report.

REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS (Entry level employee)

  • A bachelor’s degree in related field
  • 2+ years of supply chain operations with logistics experience
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Excel, Word, and Access with strong analytical skills
  • Fluently English and Korean



  • Strong knowledge of SCM and logistics
  • Intern Experience in high-volume and multi-site distribution with a solid understanding of FMS, TMS/EPR systems highly desired
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