Chief Talent Connector

Milwaukee, WI

What do you get to do as our next Chief Talent Connector?

  • Lead the Colorful Connections recruiting team, to help underestimated and underrepresented professionals advance in their careers.
  • Create and manage client-centric experiences for candidates and hiring managers.
  • Collaborate with other team members to create synergies between business units.
  • Recommend tools, resources, and content that would enable you to do your job better.

What traits are needed to do this job well?

  • Commitment to Inclusivity & Equity: we are looking for someone who believes in challenging the norm and helping candidates to be seen for their full skills and capabilities. Colorful Connections practices a non-traditional framework when developing recruiting strategies, sourcing candidates, and guiding our clients toward inclusive search strategies. We want someone who values this approach and can enhance our work.
  • Leadership: experience managing and guiding others, and a willingness to play an active role with new business development. A bonus if you have launched or have experience creating new programs, departments or start-up companies.
  • Writing & Communication: you need to be able to communicate effectively with others (via text, email, phone, social outreach and contributing to monthly website articles).
  • Enjoy People & Making Connections: this is the heart of your work. Matching professionals with hiring managers, and leading others to do that, as well.
  • Active Learner & Tech Savviness: being an active learner of industry news, significant trends, recruiting and hiring strategies, tools, etc. to enhance the recruiting strategy of clients. Comfort and willingness to learn and use different software programs and tools to communicate with professionals in and outside of the Colorful Connections network.
  • Collaboration: the Colorful Connections team operates flat. We work together, support one another, and share our work.

What does the day-to-day look like?

  • Leading client intake calls to learn more about open roles, and what would make a strong candidate.
  • Providing strategic counsel, and developing new hiring and recruitment strategies for our clients.
  • Networking with professionals and creating pipelines of talent, including partnering with mission-aligned groups that help diverse and underrepresented professionals.
  • Provide counsel to talent on career advancement, and professional growth and development.
  • Lead and manage others on the recruiting team, to source and screen candidates for open roles. As needed, help connect with professionals regarding job opportunities to see if they or anyone they know would be interested.
  • Use your digital detective skills to look for candidates and/or find ways to get in touch with candidates for job opportunities.
  • Drafting and editing communication such as client emails, blog posts and reports, as well as job descriptions, based on best practices to eliminate bias and attract diverse candidates.
  • Manage and use an applicant tracking system (ATS) to track candidates in the interview process and save notes about people the team speaks with (our ATS is called Loxo).
  • Analyzing processes and supporting tools, and recommending and making improvements.
  • Collaborating and communicating with team members on active and proactive searches.

Why are we hiring?

We’re hiring because demand is growing. We created this role to keep up with demand, create more demand, strengthen leadership, and help create a sustainable operation.

What do we value?

Teams, collaboration, bringing your best, perseverance, being solution-oriented, thinking outside the box, being proactive, frankness, respect, and celebrating our diversity.

We value our mission. We take seriously our role in helping people be seen and see.

This role is for someone who’s looking for that, and wants to create more impact.

Note: We would love to work with someone who is based in the Milwaukee or Chicago metro area, however, we are open to remote applicants from across the USA.