Head of Growth

 🖼️ Setting the scene

We believe that talent can be found anywhere but opportunity not. We are on a mission to bridge that gap and create equal opportunities for everyone. To achieve this, we are building the world’s largest remote talent company and help companies unlock global talent.  

We are currently doing this through three services:

1. Sourcing as a Service – (tech) sourcers work dedicated for a client on a subscription based model

2. Recruitment as a Service (RPO) – (tech) recruiters work dedicated for a client on a subscription based model 

3. Remote hiring – we help companies hire remote tech talent based on their time zone, tech requirements, salary expectations and payroll & compliance preferences

We are a fully remote company with people working from 11 different countries like the Netherlands, Ukraine, South Africa, Serbia, Spain, Poland, Austria and the United States. Expect a diverse and multi-cultural company!

We are growing very rapidly and our proud to say that we work with companies like Booking.com, Revolut, Miro, Grammarly and TikTok.

🚀 What your mission will be

You are on a mission to create a global brand out of MatcHR. Both our clients, candidates and employees need to love our brand and you got the keys to do this!

Next to shooting MatcHR to the stars you will be responsible for launching a new brand and proposition focused on remote tech hiring.

🌍 Where you will be based

We are a fully remote company. You decide where and when you want to work. You need to be comfortable working on CET time zones. 

❤️ What’s in it for you

  • Play a key role in creating equal opportunities for everyone and celebrate the impact we will make
  • Play a crucial role in building the largest remote talent company in the world 
  • Work fully remote and decide when and where you want to work
  • Oversee all content that is put out regarding MatcHR and ensure consistency
  • Write kick ass content that people will actually read
  • Lead the brand proposition, identity, website design, content creation and community building of our new remote hiring company
  • Maintain and create new partnerships with a strong focus on growing our customer base
  • Create and maintain the paid and unpaid marketing plan, ensuring continual improvement using hard data
  • Organize multiple (virtual) events, webinars and workshops to attract new clients and employees
  • Create a paid and unpaid marketing strategy to attract clients and employees on a consistent basis
  • Work with a diverse team of passionate people from across the world
  • Yearly offsite with our entire team at a different location
  • Competitive salary

🔍 What we are looking for in you 

  • Hunger for growth, continuous learning and you believe in the power of sharing and community
  • 3-8 years of working experience in marketing (yes we hire more junior and more senior people for this role)
  • Recent experience using email marketing software and paid advertisement channels like Google Ads and Facebook Business Suite
  • The ability to think deeply about marketing and brand strategy
  • A great eye for design and detail
  • Experience in writing awesome content
  • Experience in lead generation and growth hacking
  • Fluent in English both in speaking and writing
  • A passion for a fast-paced and at times unpredictable and changing environment
  • Comfortable working 100% remotely

📐 How you will be measured

You will be measured on your ability to improve our marketing channels with the end goal to drive revenue and brand awareness. Your key areas of focus will be:

  • User acquisition & conversion optimization
  • Product marketing & user retention
  • SEO & content marketing
  • Social Media & community management

🤩 Apply

Interested? Great! Apply via the link below and connect with our Co-Founder Adriaan on LinkedIn to give him a heads up: https://www.linkedin.com/in/adriaankolff/