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Position Summary

The Consultant in Distribution System Planning & Analysis provides highly skilled engineering, analysis, and planning services to assess power system performance under steady-state and dynamic conditions and suggest recommendations in the form of modifications to distribution infrastructure to ensure safe, reliable, cost-effective, and responsive delivery of electric service to end users. Studies are primarily focused on power flow, transient/voltage stability, and short circuit analysis, but may address a variety of other concerns including economics, harmonics, and protection, power quality. The Consultant considers all aspects of power system design and operation to evaluate performance and develop recommendations to maintain reliability and efficiency of the distribution power system. The ideal candidate will be expected to apply sound and diversified knowledge of power distribution engineering principles and practices as well as make independent decisions concerning assigned projects.


  • Assess the reliability and efficiency of existing and planned power systems; develop solutions where necessary to address concerns and maintain compliance with applicable standards and planning criteria
  • Perform a wide variety of system planning, modeling, analysis, and project-oriented engineering activities which may include distribution automation, non-wire alternatives, battery energy storage systems, renewable energy, microgrids, and other emerging technologies that are currently impacting the distribution system
  • Power system modeling and analysis in the long-term, near-term, and operational planning horizons using power flow, transient stability, and short circuit software to identify deficiencies and recommend system reinforcements
  • Model and evaluate PV arrays, Wind Turbine Generators, other thermal generation, BESS or Hybrid resource integrations
  • Develops plans to address aging distribution infrastructure and integration of renewables to improve reliability and resiliency of the distribution power system
  • Develop study methods for the technical execution of projects to deliver studies that meet client schedules and expectations and be a lead contributor to the execution of technical studies
  • Provide high-level technical expertise to other practice areas

·        Clearly and effectively communicate the results of analysis and action plans both verbally and in writing/Effective written and oral communications skills and prepare and present detailed, concise, technical reports

  • Provide peer review and editorial feedback
  • Manage client expectations through regular communications to establish project objectives and formulate an agreed upon project approach


The successful candidate will have:

  • Master’s degree in electrical engineering with emphasis in power system engineering and analysis is preferred, or bachelor degree and equivalent experience developed through detailed analysis of power systems
  • A minimum of 2 years of experience with evaluating utility system performance, simulation of power flows, and developing solutions and upgrades to electric distribution facilities with related experience associated with electric utility operations, reliability, planning, or consulting
  • Direct experience with electric distribution system planning, design, reliability, construction, operations, and maintenance of utility distribution power system
  • Experience with power system model and analysis tools such as: CYME, Synergi ASPEN, CAPE, Milsoft Windmil, PowerWorld, PSSE, ETAP, EasyPower software and experience with performing area studies
  • Knowledge of IEEE-1547-and 2030 and UL-1741 standards for DER Interconnection
  • Experience planning/supporting implementation of distribution circuit improvements or new circuit/substation area buildout
  • Understanding of protection system design and operation
  • Understanding of equipment design and rating methods
  • Understanding of harmonics and power quality issues
  • Excellent technical, analytical, and organizational skills
  • Excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite
  • Excellent negotiation and consensus-building skills
  • Comfortable and effective working independently, as well as leading and working in teams across functional groups that vary from fundamentally technical to non-technical


As part of the application process the candidate will be required to:

  • provide authorization to conduct a general background, credit, criminal record, and reference check, and successfully pass these checks.
  • to take and pass a drug test.

  • Candidate must be legally authorized to work in the U.S. for a period exceeding 180 days

  • Candidate must possess, or be able to obtain within 30 days of employment, a valid driver’s license issued by any state in the U.S.

Additional desirable attributes include:    

  • Previous investor owned utility experience
  • Experience in other related engineering functions/disciplines such as system operations, protection system design and analysis, substation design, or distribution/transmission planning
  • Experience in EMTP-based or dynamic studies of power systems
  • Experience using optimization tools and writing performance scripts to run automated or batch simulations and analyzing output data, such as Python, MATLAB, or other tools or programming languages.
  • Experience performing engineering economic assessments to identify optimum or most efficient outcomes based on probabilities and/or batch simulations.
  • Professional Engineering License (PE)

ENTRUST Solutions Group is proud to be an Equal Employment Opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and do not discriminate based on race, religion, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, veteran status, disability status, or any other applicable characteristics protected by law.

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