Head of Talent (remote)


🖼️ Setting the scene

At MatcHR we believe that talent can be found anywhere. We are on a mission to unlock the global talent market and as a Head of Talent you play a critical role to help us with this mission.


At MatcHR we help companies find and hire the best tech talent the world has to offer through three services.


1.   Sourcing as a Service – dedicated (tech) sourcers work dedicated for a client on a subscription based model

2.   Recruitment as a Service (RPO) – dedicated (tech) recruiters work dedicated for a client on a subscription based model + success fee

3.  Remote hiring – we help companies hire remote tech talent based on their time zone, tech requirements, salary expectations and payroll & compliance preferences


We are a fully remote company with people working from 12 different countries like the Netherlands, Ukraine, South Africa, Serbia, Russia, Poland, Austria and the United States. Expect a diverse and multi-cultural company!


We are growing very rapidly and are proud to say that we work for companies like Booking.com, Revolut, Miro, Grammarly and TikTok.


🚀 What your mission will be

Your mission is to find, attract, hire and retain the best talent the world has to offer for MatcHR. You will build our employer brand and deploy various other activities to help us deliver on our mission.

🌍 Where you will be based

We are a fully remote company. You decide where and when you want to work if you keep in mind that we work on CET time zones.


❤️ What’s in it for you

  • Work fully remote and decide when and where you want to work
  • Design and execute recruiting strategies to attract, evaluate and hire the best (tech) sourcers and (tech) recruiters the world has to offer
  • Hire and manage our internal recruitment and HR function
  • Represent MatcHR at various (virtual) events like SourceCon and Sourcing Summit
  • Launch the MatcHR sourcing and recruitment academy
  • Work with a diverse team from all over the world
  • Continuous training from internal and external trainers
  • Annual offsite with our entire team at a different location (somewhere warm )
  • Salary range between 2.000 – 4.000 EUR based on Kyiv salary levels (we adjust for cost of living per country and years of experience)
  • Help us double in size from 24 to 50 in the next six months and from 50 to 100 in the six months thereafter


🔍 What we are looking for in you

  • 5-10 years of working experience in (corporate) recruitment
  • Experience with building an employer brand
  • Experience working in a fast growing organization with clear and tangible results
  • Experience working and recruiting in an international environment
  • Experience sourcing and recruiting for different kind of roles and realized clear and tangible results
  • Great if you have experience in managing a team with a strong understanding of talent acquisition, management and development
  • Great if you have international recruitment experience covering multiple geographies
  • Fluent in English both in speaking and writing
  • Experience or comfortable working 100% remotely


📐 How you will be measured

You will be (end) responsible to help us find and attract the best talent on the market.


Your KPI’s will be around the numbers you deliver – number of applicants, number of hires, time to hire and on if you are able to improve our ratio between outbound and inbound hires. Currently it’s 95% outbound but it’s time to start building the MatcHR brand ❤️.


In addition, you will be measured on the candidate, the hiring strategy you implement and how quickly you are able to build out our internal TA and HR team.


Oh and before we forget. People need to actually like to work with you so we ask our team for honest feedback :).


🗓️ What your first 12 months will look like and what outcomes we expect you to hit


First month

Your first month at MatcHR! Welcome! We will train and bring you up to speed as quickly as possible. You will go through the MatcHR sourcing and recruitment bootcamp and will join our interviews but also our client calls with other (senior) Talent Acquisition Consultants to understand our way of working. We will show what it takes to be successful.


In your first month we expect you to build the hiring plan for our internal hires (sourcers, tech recruiters and other functions), present how we should optimize our internal hiring process, have the first candidates in the pipeline and have made an analysis of our employer brand. Sounds like a lot or sounds like a challenge? If it sounds like a challenge you have the right mentality and we should talk :).


In your first weeks we will make a 30/60/90 day plan what company goals but also personal development goals you would like to achieve.


Second month

You will actively be outreaching to find, attract and hire the best talent for MatcHR. Yes this is hands on, because you are also busy hiring the right talent for your own TA and HR team.

Together with our founder and head of growth you build a strong content plan to build our employer brand and start to execute on it. You will review our onboarding process and suggest improvements where possible.


At the end of this month you will have made your first hire(s) for MatcHR and more are in the pipeline.


We will check whether you are on track on your 30/60/90 day plan and what areas need extra attention.


Third month

Three months in already! Time flies 🚀.


Together with our founders you review our evaluation cycles, learning and development program and drive optimization within MatcHR. Your first initiatives regarding our employer brand are paying off, you have hired your first employees for our TA and HR team and several people will have joined the sourcing and recruitment teams. 


You are constantly in touch with candidates that could be relevant for MatcHR and you have a steady pipeline of interested candidates and bring hires on a continuous basis.


We will check whether you are on track on your 30/60/90 day plan and will evaluate your first three months.


Sixth month

Depending on how quickly you have grown we will discuss your responsibilities for the next 6 months. Several of our hires will have applied themselves and our ratio from 100% outbound will shift to 75% outbound and 25% inbound. Your own team will have grown and you have created the hiring plan for the next 6 months. Your energy is contagious and you set the bar for the pace of our organization.


🍾 One year

Wow! One year at MatcHR! Something we will be celebrating for sure!

  • Our organization will be over 75 employees and your internal team has grown to +3 as well. 
  • Our hiring strategy went from completely outbound to a healthy inflow of inbound candidates. You have truly put MatcHR on the map and MatcHR is a synonym for global top sourcers and tech recruiters.
  • You are a regular speaker around remote work and have represented MatcHR at several international conferences.
  • We are still rapidly growing and you have laid the foundation to double our organization again


🤩 Apply

Interested? Good! Just apply by clicking on the link below, upload your resume and connect with Adriaan on linkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/adriaankolff/