Head of Remote Hiring (Remote)

🖼️ Setting the scene

We believe that talent can be found anywhere but opportunity not. We are on a mission to bridge that gap and create equal opportunities for everyone. To achieve this, we are building the world’s largest remote talent company and help companies unlock global talent.  

We are currently doing this through three services:

1. Sourcing as a Service – (tech) sourcers work dedicated for a client on a subscription based model

2. Recruitment as a Service (RPO) – (tech) recruiters work dedicated for a client on a subscription based model + success fee

3. Remote hiring – we help companies hire remote tech talent based on their time zone, tech requirements, salary expectations and payroll & compliance preferences

We are a fully remote company with people working from 11 different countries like the Netherlands, Ukraine, South Africa, Serbia, Spain, Poland, Austria and the United States. Expect a diverse and multi-cultural company!

We are growing very rapidly and our proud to say that we work with companies like Booking.com, Revolut, Miro, Grammarly and TikTok.

🚀 What your mission will be

In your role as the Head of our Remote Hiring proposition you will build our remote hiring desk from scratch. Together with our Founders you will decide in which countries we will hire teams to connect local talent with remote opportunities. 

You will be responsible to hire your own team(s), train them, create a strong performance culture and help companies with their strategic decisions where to find the right talent and help them hire the right talent.

You will become a key player in the remote work revolution and will drive our mission to unlock the global talent market and create equal opportunities for everyone.

🌍 Where you will be based

We are a fully remote company. You decide where and when you want to work. You need to be comfortable working on CET time zones. 

❤️ What’s in it for you

• Play a key role in creating equal opportunities for everyone and build the largest remote talent company in the world 

• Work fully remote and decide when and where you want to work

• Build our remote hiring proposition and your own international team to realize your mission

• Guide international clients in setting up remote teams and execute on this

• Operate in different countries and different time zones

• Become an expert at remote hiring and play a key role in providing additional value to our clients e.g. payrolling, onboarding experience, merchandise portal etc.

• Annual offsite with our entire team in a different location each year

• You will be part of the MatcHR management team

• Competitive fixed salary with a very interesting variable package

• You will become one of the key players in accelerating the remote revolution 

🔍 What we are looking for

• 4-8 years of working experience in agency tech recruitment

• Fluent in English both in speaking and writing

• Strong stakeholder management skills

• Tangible achieved results in current and previous roles

• Experience or comfortable with working 100% remotely

• The drive and passion to build out your own international team

• This is a very entrepreneurial role whereby you will be at the forefront of opening the global remote tech talent market. An entrepreneurial and positive mindset are not a nice to have but a necessity to be successful .

📐 How you will be measured

Your biggest indicator of your success is the revenue that you and your team bring in. This is only possible if you are able to hire the right talent, build the processes to grow your team across multiple disciplines and multiple geographies, while keeping a smile on everybody’s face. 

🗓️ What your first 12 months will look like and what outcomes we expect you to hit

First month

Your first month at MatcHR! Welcome! We have no time to waste. There is so much to do, so many opportunities and with your experience you can make an immediate impact.

We will get you up to speed as quickly as possible. We will show you how we successfully work for some of the most demanding tech companies in the world. We will teach you what different tools to use to be as efficient as possible but we also want to learn from you. Together with our Founders you create the go to market strategy covering which countries to enter when and how to specialize across geographies, industry and talent. 

You don’t waste any time and together with our internal recruitment team you define the roles that you want to hire to grow your team right from the start. You will work with our current recruiters to get an understanding of the different markets we operate in and you will work on some of the roles of our current clients to get a feel for the market.

In your first weeks we will make a 30/60/90 day plan based on our company goals but also your personal development goals that you want to achieve in your first 90 days.

Second month

Wow! What an impact you have made in your first month. Your drive, energy and experience have lifted everybody’s spirit and your candidates are moving towards the final rounds at our clients. 

You understand the different markets we operate in and you have doubled down on the market we decided to first focus on. You are actively recruiting to build out your own team. You created a go to market strategy and you got the first new clients lined up to hire remote tech talent. 

We will check whether you are on track on your 30/60/90 day plan and what areas need extra attention.

Third month

Three months in already! Time flies 🚀. You will have successfully made your first hires by now and your success is celebrated with the team. You are actively training your first team members and monitor them closely. You put the KPI’s in place for them to be successful and you get them up to speed as quickly as possible.  

We will check whether you are on track on your 30/60/90 day plan and already create a new 90 day plan (sorry you will never stop learning!).

Sixth month

Depending on how quickly you have grown we will discuss your responsibilities for the next 6 months. We either expand in the market that you are operating in or we already look to open up a new market. 

Your team will have grown to around 5 recruiters and your recruiters are closing deals on a weekly basis. 

You are a true advocate of remote work and you actively share your learnings regarding remote work with our clients and the overall community. You start with content development to help our clients understand what countries are attractive for what reasons and how to successfully operate in these counties.

🍾 One year

Wow! One year at MatcHR! We might be sipping some Pina Colada’s somewhere warm where you get a chance to meet the entire team on our annual offsite. You have seen our organization double in size and you have made a direct impact to make this happen. Your team is completely up and running and the first recruiters that you hired are now hiring their own team as well. You are the living example that with hard work and positive energy anything is possible.

Together with the management team you make an ambitious growth plan to further role out our remote hiring proposition and create equal opportunities for everyone.

🤩 Apply

Interested? Apply via the link below and connect with our Co-Founder Adriaan on LinkedIn to give him a heads up: https://www.linkedin.com/in/adriaankolff/