Operations Manager- be employee #2 at a Natick startup!

Boston, USA
The Company

We have been retained by our friends at Panda Planner in Boston to build their onsite team. Panda Planner creates tools that help people leverage the scientific research from positive psychology and neuroscience so they can be happier, more productive and live more fulfilled lives. Our flagship product, the Panda Planner, is an elegant system for prioritizing your daily tasks that helps you get more done in less time and gradually shift your outlook from negative to positive. When performed consistently, productivity and optimism become automatic.

Founded by our CEO, Michael Leip, who found himself bedridden and miserable after suffering a series of health events including Lyme Disease and Traumatic Brian Injury (TBI) and cancer. He became fed up with his condition and was determined to get back on track. He started looking for a system that would help address the mental ailments he was dealing with (depression/anxiety/procrastination), as well as the day-to-day needs he had as an entrepreneur (productivity). Through the process of reading countless books and peer-reviewed journals, he created the first version of Panda Planner. After much testing and refinement, he arrived at the current iteration of Panda Planner, which cut out everything you don't need, and left the most important elements that are guaranteed to give you the best results in the shortest amount of time. Panda Planner will give you the motivation, the inspiration, the system - or whatever it is that you need - to set aside your stress and challenges and start living a fulfilling life and crushing your goals!
Our own goal is to help people combat the stress and overwhelm from everyday life that we've all become accustomed to. We will accomplish this by providing tools that integrate seamlessly into people's normal day-to-day routines. Our current product pipeline has some very exciting new tools, including a mobile app, that will be launched later in 2017.

The Culture

We are a tiny team of happy, passionate people who know how to hustle. As an early stage startup, we have a laid back office and a great deal of autonomy because we know when it's time for fun and when to get shit done. Initially, everyone will work in the office, but the goal is to eventually work from home Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Does it excite you to be part of a company that creates more happiness, gratitude, and productivity in people's lives? Do you want to join an early stage startup that has limitless potential for growth (this year, we are on track to triple our already-seven-figure-revenue from 2016...how many early stage startups can say that)?
How often do you get an opportunity to work for a company where our financial growth is directly correlated to how much positive impact we're making on the world? The more products we sell, the more people we help; it's awesome! If any of this resonates with you....then f*ck yeah, come work with us at Panda Planner!

The Job
Panda Planner is looking to bring on an experienced Operations Manager to help us run the business on a day-to-day basis. You will be in charge of ensuring our projects move forward in a timely and efficient manner and hold everyone on the team responsible for hitting their deadlines.
Initially, you will work to understand all aspects of the business so you can personally create standard operating procedures for any repeat tasks (or work with our specialists to create them collaboratively). Additionally you manage supply chain logistics; this includes sourcing reputable suppliers with quality products, managing relations with our existing supply-partners in China, coordinating shipping details with our freight service (Flexport), among other things.
Essentially, your job is to ensure that the company strategy, set forth by the CEO, is broken down into action steps and then accomplished. You will work directly with the CEO during the strategic planning stages and then subsequently with the rest of our team for implementation.
And because we're an early stage startup with a small team, you might be asked to do something completely unrelated from time to time...we all gotta wear a lot of hats!

The Requirements

  • Minimum 5+ years of experience as an Operations manager
  • Previous experience as an Operations Manager with at least one startup
  • EXCEPTIONALLY Organized. I don't mean that you're pretty organized...I mean that the jars in your pantry are organized by height and color.
  • Strong experience creating and optimizing operational systems / SOPs
  • Super comfortable with technology and working with online tools (i.e. new software shouldn't scare you, you can figure that shit out, no problem :)
  • Experience managing teams (bonus points if you've managed remote teams as well)
  • Experience with eCommerce
  • Effective at time management (rumor has it there's a planner that helps with this)
  • Skilled at prioritization and delegation
  • Adaptability - we're a small startup that's growing really fast so you have to be able to handle whatever gets thrown at us, roll with the punches and still help lead the organization
  • Very Strong communication skills
  • Customer service driven - ultimately what's good for the customer is good for the company
  • Leadership - this is a leadership position; this is a key role that works directly with the CEO to ensure the company is moving towards it's goals. You are the point person that the rest of the team will look to for guidance.
  • Ownership - we need people who act as if they were the owner of the company (and because of your equity stake, you will be!). The people we like to work with don't need to be handheld through their days, they can take initiative and tackle large projects on their own. They are motivated and excited to help move the company towards its goals!
  • 70k salary
  • 2% equity vested over 4 years

If you are interested in this role, we would love to hear from you! Please email us your resume at team@pandaplanner.com.
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