(Hazelcast) Senior Software Engineer, Hazelcast Cloud

Work type: Remote (Anywhere in Ukraine/Turkey) - CET hours

Company: Hazelcast

Salary range: USD 60-80K

Perks :  

  • Equity options
  • Flexible working hours and location (this is a remote position)
  • Workplace cost reimbursement (coworking space, laptop)
  • Conference speaking opportunities

Why we recommend it: Hazelcast is an open-source distributed object store used by both small startups and Fortune 500 companies. Hazelcast Jet is a distributed batch and stream processing system that can do stateful computations over massive amounts of data with consistent low latency. 

What you will work on:

Do you enjoy any of the following?

  • Solving complex problems.
  • Implementing non-trivial infrastructure code.
  • Creating well-crafted and thoroughly tested features, taking full-responsibility from the design phase.
  • Paying attention to all aspects of code quality, from clean-code, to allocation-rates.
  • Digging into mechanical sympathy concepts.

We are looking for people who can deliver solid production code. 


  • Be a senior Java engineer - including all aspects connected to it.
  • Be skeptical yet always open to new concepts.
  • Have strong opinions about software quality.
  • Be an excellent communicator in written and spoken English.
  • Familiarity with container and orchestration technologies is required (Docker, Kubernetes) 
  • Have experience on cloud platforms. (AWS, Azure or Google Compute Engine)
  • Have experience with Spring framework

Additionally, the following would be a plus:

  • Experience with Golang
  • Experience with ReactJS