(Hazelcast) Software Engineer, Quality, Cloud Native Team

Work type: Remote (Anywhere in Ukraine/Turkey) - CET hours

Company: Hazelcast

Salary range: USD 50-70K

Perks :  

  • Equity options
  • Flexible working hours and location (this is a remote position)
  • Workplace cost reimbursement (coworking space, laptop)
  • Conference speaking opportunities

Why we recommend it: We are looking for a Senior QA Engineer who is going to join the Integrations Team at Hazelcast.  Our main focus is integrating Hazelcast into various frameworks, products, and platforms that are available as both open-source or commercially, especially around the cloud-native ecosystem.


At Hazelcast, you get the chance to work on an exciting open-source software that pushes the boundaries of distributed computing.

What you will work on:

  • Working on open-source software at your day job
  • Testing on various environments like Kubernetes, AWS, Azure, GCP, OpenShift, IBM Cloud, and VMware Tanzu
  • Performance testing on a big scale (hundreds of nodes, TBs of memory),
  • Becoming a true automation master using scripting languages, GH Actions, Travis, and Jenkins
  • Learning the latest technologies and popular frameworks


  • Be a senior QA engineer – including all aspects connected to it
  • Have hands-on experience with Docker containers
  • Have experience with some of Cloud technologies: Kubernetes, AWS, Azure, GCP, OpenShift, IBM Cloud, and VMWare Tanzu
  • Have strong opinions about software quality and be familiar with CI/CD
  • Be an excellent communicator in written and spoken English


Nice to Have Requirements

  • Have previous open-source experience
  • Be experienced with how caching works in the Enterprise Java ecosystem (Hibernate 2LC, HTTP Session Replication)
  • Have conference speaking and blogging experience