(Paradox) Senior Fullstack Developer

Job Title (core tech stack) (f/m/d): Senior Fullstack developer

Work type: remote, full-time


Salary range: $4.000 - $5.600 +/month

Perks :  

  • Work where you want. The luxury of working from home or everywhere in the world
  • Modern Tools. Modern tools make our life so much easier.
  • Flexible Hours. What’s more important to us is the value you provide rather than when you work
  • Learning and development. Learning, growing is part of our culture, it is facilitated, encouraged and celebrated. It’s a place where you grow
  • Yearly amazing Team Trip. We travel somewhere in the world to connect and celebrate.
  • Standing desks for everyone. For anyone working remotely, we’ll give you give a 350€ credit 
  • 350€ credit of fitness. It can be for your gym membership, yoga studio membership, running shoes, race

Why we recommend it: 

  • Made up of A-Players. We make a point of trying to hire people better than ourselves.
  • Diverse. We bring together the best people of every culture and age.
  • Ambitious company. In a casual manner, we never settle for “good enough” and are always looking for the next crazy thing we can do.
  • Mission Driven. It is something to wake up with that feeling of contributing to people's lives.

What you will work on:

ParadoxNation is a brand around the idea of self Mastery. And we are inspired to show the world our product - an app in order to HACK how to make people crush their weekly goals. And as a consequence create for themselves the life that truly inspires them.

We are waiting for an experienced senior developer to add to our team who will deal with our API called DL-API

The main work is to develop, design the architecture and maintain this API in order to scale well. In addition, someone who will:

- Modify existing API to fix errors, improve the overall quality and functionality or update integrations with other software.

- Develop and/or perform software automated testing procedures, solutions and frameworks to ensure software functions as needed.

- Process and understand capabilities and limitations of data outputs from the software.

- Determine and execute the software deployment process.


- 4 years+ of enterprise-level development experience with Node.js/Express.js and 1-2 years with PHP/Laravel.

- Strong understanding of API design.

- Strong understanding of different API standards (SOAP, REST, etc).

- Strong experience with data interchange formats (JSON, XML, etc).

- Knowledge of JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS/Tailwind CSS.

- Experience with frontend – Vue.js/React.js/Typescript.

- 2+ years of experience working with SQL databases.

- Experience with Redis would be a plus.

- Knowledge of Docker, software containerization and microservices architectures would be a plus.

- Nice to have: Experience managing a team of engineers