1031 Exchange Officer


The 1031 Exchange Officer position ("EO") is a dynamic professional role. The candidate is hired to facilitate IRS Section 1031 Quailed Exchanges. The EO handles all aspects of the process from client acquisition, documentation, and closing. The EO determines the advisability of transaction qualifying as a tax-free exchange; creates the legal documentation required to effectuate the exchange; coordinates with client; escrow and other third parties; promotes business for the company by maintaining good customer relations. The EO assures compliance with all policies and procedures, as well as, all applicable state and federal tax laws and regulations.

  • A thorough familiarity and knowledge of the I.R.C. Section 1031 Exchange regulations.
  • Ability to provide documentation in compliance with all current and applicable regulations.
  • An understanding of the elements of all variations of a 1031 exchange; i.e. Simultaneous, Build to Suit, Forward, Reverse and Personal Property.
  • Knowledge and ability to perform in compliance with the Exchange agreement documentation and applicable regulations in tandem.
  • Preparation of proper documentation and Verify all exchanges are in compliance with the regulations, statutes, FIRPTA and withholding requirements.
  • Ensure Safe-Harbors, if used, are not violated and therefore cease to apply.
  • Interpret and apply the regulations to complex transactional issues.
  • Provide proper and accurate transaction accounting to the taxpayer.
  • Respond and track the time constraints applicable to 1031 exchanges.
  • Manage exchange funds in a prudent, safe manner that incorporates sound business practices and complies with all regulations and the Federation of Exchange Accommodators ("FEA") code of ethics as well as Federal and State legislation as applicable. Complying with California HB 1007, and any new or current legislation.
  • Maintain a profitable operation following company operating and reporting practices; prepare a realistic budget and manage budget variances, review and analyze monthly financial statements, implement cost control procedures.
  • Generate tax deferred exchange business by creating and maintaining a productive referral system and working relationships with real estate professionals; CPA’s; Attorneys; escrow officers and real estate investors.
  • Design, draft and execute a marketing strategy to attract new taxpayers/Exchanger interested in learning and executing a 1031 exchange.
  • Generate and maintain a database of contacts.
  • Participate in industry activities, attend educational seminars, seek and schedule presentations where opportunities for business may exist.
  • Take an active role in the "FEA" organization, including being a committee member, attending various conferences and educational programs throughout the year.

Experience and Skills

  • Project a businesslike professionalism to the client in both appearance and manner.
  • Possess a strong customer service orientation, and a willingness to place the customer first.
  • Possess strong written/verbal communication skills as well as excellent organizational/time management skills.
  • Basic skills in computer terminal and personal computer operation; including word processing and spreadsheet software.
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision while performing duties.