Program Director - Faith Based Non-Profit

Program Director 


● Have an all-consuming sense of calling to minister in the name of

Jesus to the poor in our community.

● Have a deep understanding or experience of economic poverty and

what it takes to break generational cycles of poverty.

● Understand what life is like in ‘the hood’.

● Have a lot of experience being the up-front leader and public face of

the organization.

● Know how to speak to a diverse group of 75 people so that everyone

feels included.

● Have a lot of experience leading teams.

● Have a lot of experience in career coaching.


● Are on a mission to see the love of Jesus transform spiritual,

economic, and relational poverty in the ten neighborhoods of our


● Understand that the economically poor in our community have as

much to give to us as we have to give to them.

● Are a faith-based career and community development organization.

● Radically love people right where they are at, and walk alongside

them as they grow.

If this describes you, please apply!