Chiropractic Assistant - 967508

Los Angeles, CA

We are hiring a chiropractic assistant for a Chiropractic Office in Los Angeles. You would be responsible for instructing spinal hygiene exercises, therapies, documenting patient encounters, assisting with exams, and educating patients on a healthier lifestyle. You will also assist at the front desk as needed, answering phones, making appointments, and accepting payments.

We consider each person in our practice as not only a patient but part of a greater community that is seeking to achieve the highest level of health and well-being. With a focus on producing lasting results for all members of the family, our commitment is to personal, in-depth, and professional care from our doctors and entire staff.

Who we want

●   Do you take great satisfaction in being busy and productive?

●   Do people say you are extremely dependable and they always know where you stand?

●   Do you have a conscientiousness for doing things right and following tasks through to completion?

●   Do you instinctively see in detail what the future might hold and plan accordingly?

●   Do you easily collect, store and recall details and information?

What you will do

Our Practice is offering an opportunity to showcase your customer service and organizational skills as a full-time chiropractic assistant in our office. We are looking for a positive person with great people and communication skills and a passion for helping others through natural and holistic healthcare. Excellent relationship-building skills are a must to ensure service is provided with a high degree of quality. You will be responsible for creating a warm and hospitable environment in the treatment area, instructing clients on the proper form of exercises, ensuring client compliance with exercises, and documenting patient encounters. As well as making and rescheduling appointments, answering phones, and recording payments received.

What you need

●   A sincere interest in health and wellness

●   Ability to work in a fast pace environment

●   Proficiency in Microsoft Office and Windows is preferred

●   Previous experience in the medical field is required. 

●   Training will be provided following your hire

Things you should know

●   Full- Time

●   $20-$24/hr

●   PTO

●   7:30 am to 6 pm Monday to Thurs or 7:30 

●   Friday 8 to 12