Senior Print/Branding Designer

Marin, CA


  • You are not just passionate - you are obsessed - with the minutia and finest details of design and typography
  • You possess extremely high standards for luxury branding aesthetics and you hold yourself and those around you accountable for keeping the bar consistent
  • You may consider yourself a hands-on Design Archeologist
  • Affinity for the polished, quiet elegance, less is more, finesse that is our clients driving force
  • Design and branding is everything to you, not just in your professional life, but everywhere, it’s what drives you and it shows.
  • Quiet steadfast confidence to know that the brand is bigger than you, you are serving the brand in all your design decisions, it's not about you creating the winning design, its what’s best for the brand — and you’re ok with that, you have the bigger picture in mind.
  • Experience with collaboration, teamwork with senior creatives, and working with cross-functional teams and department heads to reach a common goal
  • An experienced manager, intimate leader, mentor you naturally inspire those around you
  • Driven by design standards, design language and being a keeper of those standards at all costs
  • Strength in communicating your design language, strategy and motivations behind all design concepts and executions
  • Natural ability to educate a team about brand standards and how best to consistently execute
  • Award-winning visual problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • Natural problem solver who possesses the desire to talk thru design problems with C level Creative Director and then help execute them with a mix of hands-on design, management and mentoring of a small team of designers that you would work closely with.
  • Skilled hands-on senior level graphic designer with a portfolio of previous luxury branding work in print, branding and digital.
  • Innate ability to know when a design treatment is appropriate and when to investigate and when to push change.


  • Work closely with Executive Creative Director of Print + Catalog + Digital departments and department directors.
  • Own all Brand & Creative continuity across all creative assets
  • Work hands-on as Lead Senior Designer
  • Work directly with a small team of graphic designers, helping them solve problems, support them along the way, as well as designing yourself
  • Overseeing creative and maintaining consistency for the brand across many functions will be a large part of your contribution
  • Capacity for the big picture of brand positioning down to the finest detail of every single creative execution, across a variety of mediums and initiatives
  • Coach and encourage designers, at varying levels to ensure brand continuity is upheld at all costs
  • Solve design problems, present design solutions, think things thru
  • Partner with CD Digital to reach all goals in creative continuity
  • Keeper of the brand, its legacy, and its future


  • 7+ years professional design experience as Senior level Graphic Designer
  • 4+ years management/leadership experience in the same capacity
  • Expert in Adobe Creative Suite
  • Previous experience on both print and digital creative projects
  • Mastery of typography, grid systems, visual hierarchy, color, and composition
  • Openness to do all needed tasks, large and small, whenever necessary
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Excellent visual problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • Evidence of pushing impeccable work into the market, especially in the luxury goods, arts, hospitality industries
  • A solid creative portfolio that features typography work and creative branding projects
  • Exemplary polished professional

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