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Best Executive Search Software

The executive transitional period is a big deal in many industries and organizations. After all, an executive staff member has a lot of responsibilities to the organization and has the power to enact a great deal of change. It’s important for any recruiter to do their due diligence in any hiring process, but especially when it comes to searching and hiring executives. The hiring process has changed so much in the digital age. Methods that were previously tried and true for hiring, such as relying on in-person networks and researching potential candidates online, are no longer as effective. 

Without an executive search software, recruiters can quickly become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of candidates that are available online. However, not every candidate is a good fit for the position or even interested in the job. That’s difficult to ascertain from a simple LinkedIn post, but the use of an executive search solution such as Loxo AI could give recruiters a helping hand in finding interested candidates with the right level of experience. 

Software tools play an important role in the executive search process. There are a few different types of recruiting software that can be used to find executive candidates and other open positions. Some recruiters use a mishmash of different software, while others invest in an all-in-one option like Loxo. One of the essential recruiting software is called an Applicant Tracking System or an ATS. This software is used by recruiters to streamline and automate the recruitment process. Many ATS software are capable of resume parsing, posting jobs to multiple job boards and social media platforms at once, candidate tracking and screening, as well as providing real-time reports on the recruitment process. However, not every ATS performs these functions equally well, so it’s important to choose one that provides the level of detail and information you need it to.

Recruiters also use Candidate Relationship Management (CRM) software to manage and nurture relationships with candidates over an extended period of time. Not every candidate will be right for a job at every point in time, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be the best fit in the future! A CRM helps recruiters keep tabs on their past and potential candidates.

An executive search takes a lot of time and dedication. Loxo AI can streamline processes and lead to a quicker time-to-hire and manage costs more effectively. 

Executive Talent Search

The executive talent search process can vary from industry to industry depending on the specific needs, requirements, and expectations of the field and the organization conducting the search. Here are just a few ways that the executive search process can differ based on industry.

One of the most powerful things about Loxo is that it gives recruiters the ability to manage the entire candidate lifecycle from one platform. Its other features, such as a Chrome extension, allow recruiters to quickly add candidates from online platforms such as LinkedIn, Indeed, Angelist and GitHub with the click of a button. Add in Loxo’s groundbreaking AI algorithm that is able to generate a ranked list of recommended candidates in seconds – and you’re looking at a 74% reduction in costs and an 80% increase in speed for the time to hire. 

Executive Search ATS

Loxo is the best ATS for executive search due to its ability to post to multiple job boards, parse resumes, detailed reporting functionalities, and its best-in-class search capabilities. One of the biggest differentiators for the Loxo ATS – aside from the incredible suite of products that it folds into – is that the Loxo ATS is completely free forever, according to Loxo CEO Matt Chambers. While executive search recruiters would certainly benefit from Loxo’s Talent Intelligence Platform, working within the Loxo ATS for free is a great starting point. Here are just a few other things that set Loxo apart and make it one of the greatest ATS recruiting software for executive search.

Seamless integrations

Loxo integrates with many other tools and platforms, including LinkedIn, Google Drive, and Outlook. These integrations are just part of what makes Loxo’s search capability so great – you can find candidates from all over the internet directly within Loxo.

Advanced search capabilities

Loxo allows recruiters to search by job title, location, industry, and more. Searches can also be saved for future use, making it easy to quickly find the right fit for your open positions. This also comes in handy when searching for very specific positions, such as executives!

Customizable workflows

Recruiters can customize their workflows in a way that makes the most sense to them with Loxo’s customizable workflows. Recruiters can make use of a ‘drag-and-drop’ candidate pipeline, create custom stages and tasks, and assign tasks to team members. This helps keep the team focused and on the same page.

Candidate communication

Recruiters can reach out to candidates directly with email and SMS campaigns. You can set up custom templates for different stages of the hiring process and schedule emails for specific times. This helps improve the communication and the relationship between candidates and recruiters. Communication is chiefly important, especially in executive search. This built-in functionality makes Loxo one of the best executive search ATS software!

Executive Recruitment Software

The world is always advancing. The job market is continuing to change and evolve in the wake of the pandemic, which means that recruitment processes have to change too. Loxo has founded that artificial intelligence can make a huge difference in recruitment management software and change the game on behalf of the companies that use it. 

Loxo’s Talent Intelligence Platform uses artificial intelligence to revolutionize executive recruiting tools and their recruiting software platforms. Here are some of the things that the AI in Loxo’s Talent Intelligence Platform can do for recruiters:

Loxo’s artificial intelligence can also safeguard against implicit bias in the candidate-sourcing stage. Since data is doing all of the talking, human preferences are easier to overcome. Loxo AI can take automation in executive recruitment software to a powerful new level – streamlining sourcing, screening resumes, and creating target candidate lists. With the help of Loxo AI, outbound recruiting can be almost totally automated, leaving recruiters with more time to invest in promising candidates.

Loxo has revolutionized what it means to be a recruiter. Their next-level Talent Intelligence Platform can help recruiters give their clients more value than ever, effectively reducing costs and increasing speed to hire by over 85%. 

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