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Recruiting 101

108: The Beginning of Loxo and the Future of Recruitment ft. Matt Chambers [Guest on RecWired Podcast]

July 4, 2024

matt new

In this guest episode, Loxo’s CEO Matt Chambers joins Andy Hallett on the RecWired podcast to share his inspiring journey from founding Loxo in 2012 to creating a market-leading Talent Intelligence Platform. During their time together, Matt shares insights on how recruitment technology has evolved over time, the impact of AI (and how all AI is not created equal), and the unique challenges of the US and UK recruitment markets. As per usual, you’ll walk away with valuable takeaways on innovation and perseverance — and how to stay ahead in an industry that is constantly evolving.



00:00 – Podcast Intro
01:58 – Founding Loxo: Matt’s story
03:17 – Why ATS is no longer enough
09:10 – Fueling success with passion
15:20 – Recruitment dynamics: US vs. Europe
23:22 – Why recruiters must prioritize business development
32:44 – Analyzing the current recruitment landscape
38:47 – Wrapping up: goodbye from the podcast

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