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Business Development

106: Finding Your Niche and Taking Calculated Risks [RECORDED LIVE IN LONDON]

June 27, 2024

sam kuenhle

Another episode from our exclusive London event —where we gathered 20 of the area’s top recruitment movers & shakers for panel conversations, Q&As, and some good old fashioned networking.

In this session, we dive into some important topics within the realm of business development and strategy — from taking calculated risks, to knowing when to put an idea to bed. We also touch on how, when you know your niche, you’re able to leverage more “human-centric” hiring approaches, like skills-based hiring. In short: it’s a jam-packed episode with lots of expertise being shared.

Given the fact that this was recorded live at an event, you may notice that the sound quality is not at our standard level — we apologize for that, but certainly think this content is still well worth a listen!



00:00 – Podcast intro
02:10 – Icebreakers and introductions: meet our panel
04:41 – The power of niche recruiting: strategic insights
09:27 – Validating your niche: metrics and methods
16:11 – Spotting opportunities: new niches and industry trends
20:26 – Leveraging marketing to break into new niches
29:35 – Live Q&A: addressing audience questions

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