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Business Development

Recruiting Strategy

104: Standing Out & Staking Claim in the Modern Recruitment Landscape ft. Ryan Levy

June 20, 2024

ryan levy
sam kuenhle

In this episode, Sam is a guest on Ryan Levy’s Cruit Group podcast. Together, the two cover a lot of ground — ranging from what actually separates a Talent Intelligence Platform from a run-of-the-mill ATS to effective outreach tips to business development.

The overarching sentiment is this — the modern era of recruitment has introduced a whole slew of challenges, both when it comes to securing new business and building up a solid talent database. Sam walks listeners through some tactics they can implement today that will help them stand out in a wildly saturated market, build lasting relationships, and win more business.



00:00 – Podcast kickoff: introduction and background
07:06 – Talent intelligence platform explained
15:33 – Leveraging technology for recruitment innovation
23:45 – Drip campaigns: top tips for recruiters
28:38 – Effective business development for recruiters
41:22 – Marketing strategies for recruitment success
46:40 – The future of hiring: what’s coming next


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