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Recruiting 101

099: Tactical Tuesday – How to Conduct More Holistic Performance Reviews ft. Vivien Maron

June 4, 2024

sam kuenhle
vivien maron

This Tactical Tuesday conversation explores the changing dynamics of work-life integration — and the subsequent need for a more holistic approach to performance reviews. Throughout, Vivien and Sam emphasize the importance of personal connection, setting the stage, and outlining the agenda at the beginning of the review. The conversation also highlights the significance of reviewing achievements, assessing goals, and discussing work-life balance. The conversation concludes by emphasizing the role of the manager in removing obstacles for the team’s success and maintaining a positive and supportive atmosphere… But, as always, we don’t just leave you there! Like in any Tactical Tuesday episode, you can count on actionable tips and takeaways you can put into practice TODAY.



00:00 – Podcast Intro
01:37 – Starting the Performance Review Journey
05:01 – Setting the Stage: The Review Meeting Agenda
12:47 – Mastering Feedback Delivery: Best Practices
16:32 – Empowering Employees Through Goal Setting
20:40 – Encouraging Employee Input: Managerial Techniques
24:50 – Concluding Thoughts and Farewell

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