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Recruiting Strategy

098: How Technology is Changing the Future of Executive Search ft. Kelli Vukelic

May 30, 2024

matt new

In this thought-provoking episode, Loxo’s CEO Matt Chambers interviews Kelli Vukelic, CEO of N2Growth, to discuss the future of executive search and recruitment agencies — with a focus on how technology is very rapidly transforming the industry.

Throughout the conversation, the two will talk about everything from purpose-driven work, to how search firms can become more tech-enabled, and beyond. Matt and Kelli also dive into N2Growth’s proprietary platform, Vue, which is built on Loxo’s API and helps uncover talent insights that drive better decision-making. Vue allows N2Growth’s clients to have real-time access to candidate information, and provides a holistic view of candidates beyond their resumes. With this in mind, Matt and Kelli also discuss how tech can help search firms develop more collaborative and strategic partnerships with their clients — positioning themselves as not just “recruiters” but true talent advisors.

This episode is chock-full of wisdom from two fantastic leaders and experts in the space — as well as some practical tips for you to chew on.



00:00 – Podcast Intro
04:45 – Transforming the Executive Search Industry
12:16 – The Turning Point: Embracing Change
14:00 – Speed and Efficiency: Why They Matter
17:05 – Developing a Proprietary Recruitment Tool
26:03 – Boosting Team Performance and Client Satisfaction
29:48 – The Impact of Choosing the Best Recruiting Platform
37:20 – Final Thoughts and Farewell

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