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Best Practices

095: Tactical Tuesday – Why You Should Conduct Stay Interviews (and How) ft. Vivien Maron

May 21, 2024

vivien maron
sam kuenhle

You can always count on a Tactical Tuesday episode with Vivien to bring the actionable tips you can walk away with and implement immediately. This conversation continues our recent Tactical Tuesday trend of digging into interview styles *(following up on our recent episode on new-hire welcome interviews).


Here, we focus on the importance of stay interviews in managing and nurturing a team — aka check-ins with existing team members that gauge their sentiments around their role and the culture, how happy they are about their growth potential at the company, their aspirations, and more. You’ll walk away empowered to conduct your very own stay interviews — and be one step closer to reducing attrition and keeping employees happy!





00:00 – Podcast intro
03:20 – Stay interviews 101: A comprehensive overview
07:10 – Effective questions to measure job satisfaction
13:37 – Essential resources for fostering team innovation
18:25 – Transforming team communication with effective feedback
21:05 – Assessing work-life balance: Tips for team check-ins
25:50 – How to make manager feedback easy and effective
33:14 – Wrapping up

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