Loxo Launches New Outlook Extension

The Loxo product team is at it again, adding new features weekly. This week the team launched a brand new Outlook extension which is compatible with Outlook 2016 Windows, Outlook 2016 Mac, Outlook 2013 Windows, and Outlook 365 hosted on Exchange servers only.

Loxo Blog
The new Loxo Outlook extension allows users to view, add, and edit contacts in Outlook.

Now, all Loxo users, including Freemium users, can download and install the new Outlook extension from the Microsoft store. Once downloaded, users can use the extension one of three ways.

View Existing Contacts

Loxo users can view existing contacts right from the email thread in Outlook without having to navigate away. You can view all relevant contact details, including contact information, tags, and contact description.

Create New Contacts

If the contact doesn’t already exist, users can use the extension to create a new contact in Loxo right from Outlook. The extension will parse any relevant information from the email and add it to the new contact record. Users can supplement the contact record with any other needed information. Once completed, you can navigate back to Loxo to view the full contact record.

Supplement Contact Records with Attachments & Resumes

Best of all, Loxo users can directly upload email attachments, including resumes, to the contact record. The extension will parse the attachment and update the record with any and all relevant information, making it even simpler to get needed information into Loxo.

The new Outlook extension automates once manual processes, saving users substantial time and eliminating the need to move between multiple tools. Coupled with Loxo’s existing email sync, all users now have an even more powerful option to garner insight during every phase of the recruiting process.

Loxo Blog
The new Loxo Outlook extension allows users to view, add, and edit contacts in Outlook.

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