A Global CEO survey found that more than 90% of hiring leaders felt they needed to change their strategies for attracting and retaining talent, but less than 40% of those leaders knew where to start. 

What recruitment managers need to understand is that the job market is becoming more and more candidate driven. The combination of a 90% candidate-driven hiring market with the accessibility to mass generate job postings means that recruiters are no longer picking top talent; top talent is picking you. 

This is where integrated recruitment marketing software comes in. Below is everything you need to know about integrated recruitment marketing software and why it’s the future. 

What is an Integrated Recruitment Marketing Software?

An integrated recruitment marketing software is the difference between having a thousand arrows to hit your target and actually knowing where your target is. 

While most recruiters are already utilizing the benefits of automation to send mass emails, post job openings at accelerated rates, and streamline tedious steps of the recruitment process, they may not be doing so in a data-drive or intelligent manner. 

Integrated recruitment marketing software relies on sophisticated tools and tactics to attract and reach out to candidates. Cutting edge marketing software saves time and money by automatically connecting the various recruitment steps with the various departments under your team and providing you tracking features for your ads and job postings. 

Integrated recruitment marketing is more than just posting and waiting; it’s a comprehensive system that links your various departments, tools, databases, communication pipelines, and candidates so you can understand what is or isn’t working in your marketing campaign and how to attract top talent. 

Benefits of Integrated Recruitment Marketing Software

So what are the immediate and long-term benefits of having integrated recruitment marketing software? 

  • Data-driven decision making: Innovations in automation have allowed recruiters to transform the ways they use their databases. Not only will a cutting-edge ATS allow you to automate job postings and communication pipelines, but they’ll give you valuable information on what job postings are attracting the most candidates, what kind of candidates are responding to your marketing campaigns, and where those candidates are coming from. 
  • Across-the-board integration: Integration in your marketing campaign is key not just because you can accrue data and attract candidates from different job posting websites or social media platforms, but it allows for your data to be shared across your departments. Integration features will allow you to streamline every step of the marketing and hiring process because all of your systems for your various hiring departments will be interconnected, allowing your hiring leaders to make decisions quickly and reliably. 
  • Tracking candidates: With an ATS that embraces the power of marketing integration, you’ll be able to know exactly where and how your postings are contributing to candidate flow. Job postings on websites that are connected to powerful marketing systems will allow you to track which specific ads are leading candidates to job postings and how many candidates were generated from a specific ad. 
  • Personable communication: State-of-the-art marketing recruitment softwares will allow you to personalize, customize, and control how you communicate with candidates. Prebuilt email, SMS, and phone marketing campaigns can turn robotic mass messaging into personable and well-timed communication lines.

Why Integrated Recruitment Marketing Software is the Future

A recent Monster survey found that despite recent technological advancements in recruiting, more than 60% of recruiters say their jobs have gotten harder with the advent of new hiring tools.

The advancements in AI and automation alone simply aren’t enough to get recruiters more candidates and better candidates. If recruiters are going to maximize recruitment tools for future growth, they need to better understand what their data is telling them and how they can translate that data into talent acquisition. 

Integrated recruitment marketing software solves these problems. Data acquisitions tools, AI chat boxes, voice bots, automated messaging, and comprehensible analytic features are leading the way to better and smarter marketing. 

Recent advancements in recruitment automation brought us to a point where we could maximize efficiency; integrated recruitment marketing software will show us how to effectively learn from those advancements to build a more successful future. 

As global leaders in AI recruitment and automation software, Loxo is proud to be embracing the future of recruitment. Our advanced, automated marketing campaign features let you build and nurture talent communities without sacrificing the human touch that candidates appreciate. 

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