Loxo Talent Intelligence Platform and #1 AI-Based Recruiting CRM Continues to Strengthen Its Commitment to Security and Privacy

Leading AI Recruiting CRM and AI sourcing platform Receives SOC 2 Type II Certification to Further Protect Customer Data

Denver, Colorado April 20, 2021.  Loxo,  the #1 AI-based Recruiting CRM and a global leader in artificial intelligence recruitment automation software, today announced the company has received its SOC 2 Type II certification.  SOC 2 is one of the most comprehensive evaluations of a company's information security controls, attesting to the highest data privacy, data protections and security extent possible.   This achievement in security compliance validates Loxo’s commitment to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the data and personal information of its clients and their candidates.

Executive Search RPO and Enterprise Talent Acquisition Teams Require Data Security

"We take data privacy and security very seriously at Loxo,” said Ilia Cheishvili, Loxo’s Chief Technology Officer. “Our customers and their data are incredibly important to us.  Everyone who touches our platform should feel, and know, that their information is secure and private. The security architecture of our platform goes well beyond compliance to safeguard our customers’ and company’s assets and information.  We’re proud to be independently recognized by an accredited third-party for the high standard to which we hold our solution and our company. Receiving these formal certifications confirms Loxo’s ownership and diligence to meeting these important security standards.”


Best Recruiting CRM and AI Sourcing Platform With Enterprise Grade Security


Conducted by Johanson Group LLP, a Colorado-based advisory firm, the audit confirms that Loxo’s information security practices, policies, procedures, and operations meet the rigorous SOC 2 requirements. SOC 2 Type II is a deep audit lasting a minimum of 6 months, where an accredited third-party auditor closely examines a company’s information systems, business processes and designs to ensure they meet five principles of trust established by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA): security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. SOC 2 certification is awarded to businesses who demonstrate their ability to meet the institute’s high standards in each of those categories. The certification underscores Loxo’s commitment to safeguarding customer data—and their candidates’ data—over time. 


The SOC 2 Type II certifications compliment Loxo’s established commitment to privacy and security measures Loxo has incorporated into its infrastructure. Loxo already emphasizes GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) compliance, but this latest one is very exciting.  SOC 2 Type II is an important industry standard, and the highest level of third party security and data privacy auditing possible, which a company can get.  This certification verifies that Loxo’s current and future customers can be confident about their data security and integrity. 


Recruiting CRM, ATS and AI Sourcing Platform is Fully GDPR Compliant

To coincide with SOC 2 Type II, Loxo recently introduced new systems and tools to help their customers effortlessly maintain compliance under the GDPR and eliminate much of the administrative burden while processing the sensitive data of EU and US citizens.

As talent organizations continue to digitize their workflow processes, it’s increasingly critical for technology partners to maintain secure systems and internal controls that are an extension of its clients’ infrastructure and the individuals they interact with daily. These recent achievements in security allow Loxo’s clients’ peace of mind, knowing their platform can deliver “out-of-the-box,” enterprise-grade security that adheres to industry-leading standards.


About Loxo

Loxo is the #1 AI-based Recruiting CRM and global leader in artificial intelligence recruitment automation software. Loxo’s best-in-class enterprise SaaS platform combines proprietary data solutions, AI candidate sourcing, ranking and matching with a state-of-the-art ATS and Recruiting CRM. The platform includes personal contact information and a talent graph of over 600 million people. Loxo makes finding and hiring the very best possible talent faster and easier than ever before. Learn why more than 4,000 organizations and talent acquisition teams across the globe trust Loxo or for more information on Loxo's GDPR guidelines and best practices, visit Loxo.

GDPR compliant AI-powered Recruiting CRM

Loxo’s AI-Powered Recruiting CRM Automates GDPR and Data Privacy Compliance

This week, Loxo, the #1 AI-Powered Recruiting CRM and a global leader in artificial intelligence sourcing software, announced a new data privacy compliance product to help the recruiting industry effortlessly manage the increasingly arduous data privacy regulations around the globe, including GDPR and CCPA. All organizations in the recruitment and hiring domain must develop and adopt data privacy and data management practices to remain compliant or risk a fine of 20 million euros or 4% of a companies global annual turnover, whichever is higher.

Loxo is the #1 AI-Powered Recruiting CRM and a global leader in artificial intelligence sourcing software. Loxo’s state-of-the-art product suite and proprietary data solutions offer the most advanced recruiting and sourcing technology in the marketplace.

Loxo’s solution is especially relevant as recruiting organizations and sourcing teams are looking to adopt a next-generation Recruiting CRM which will allow them to much more efficiently and effectively manage both inbound and outbound recruiting activities in one place.  Loxo’s solution automates the end-to-end compliance workflow for executive search, professional recruiting agencies, RPO, and enterprise talent acquisition teams, while offering the flexibility to replace their legacy Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or bi-directionally integrate with their existing ATS.  

The new features will enable Loxo customers to manage candidate data without violating GDPR or CCPA requirements. The automated system takes the headache out of compliance, allows candidates to manage their data privacy, and further establishes Loxo as the global leading enterprise-grade Recruiting CRM. The platform centralizes all data and offers a purpose-built product to easily manage candidate’s data privacy in one-place providing a comprehensive and updated dashboard of all candidate's status in real-time. It also provides candidates with full control of how their data is used.  The Recruiting CRM can be automatically updated by the candidate or applicants themselves so that recruiters using Loxo can use candidate data without the concern of breaking regulations.


About GDPR And Implication for Recruiters and Employers

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an EU regulation requiring organizations that process EU citizens' data to comply with privacy regulations. GDPR is a set of rules covering personal data governance for all organizations, irrespective of their location.  GDPR and CCPA have impacted how recruiters and employers capture, store, move and share personal data. Consequently, all organizations in the recruitment and hiring domain must develop and adopt private data management practices that adhere to the regulatory provisions. GDPR has given individuals comprehensive and actionable rights and control of their data in recruitment agencies' and prospective employers' hands. Job applicants and prospective candidates have the right to access, delete, or modify the information agencies or prospective employers hold about them. Candidates also reserve the right to be informed when the data is accessed, appropriated, or altered. 


Key Features of the New GDPR CCPA Data Privacy Module in Loxo's Recruiting CRM

  • Classifying Candidates
    • Choose to include all candidates or only those from the EU to be included in the feature.  Those who have business operations and personal consumer data in California are now also going to be responsible for being compliant with the CCPA.
  • Seeking Candidate Consent 
    • Loxo requires customers to either seek Candidate Consent or fill the request under Legitimate Interest. Recruiting and hiring organizations operating in these jurisdictions need to have permission to store candidate data. The Legitimate interest button enables customers to collect and store data from all active candidates. The system automatically assesses if a candidate is active based on engagement.
  • Additional Retention Periods 
    • GDPR requires that recruiters and hiring organizations only keep personal data if they have a valid business or legal reason. Loxo has addressed this requirement by providing an entry for the additional retention period. This feature allows customers to preserve candidate data even after the consent period has expired. Customers can keep the data for up to 5 years in some cases, depending on their business needs, and always need to check with their own legal counsel to define their specific policy and data retention periods.
  • Privacy Policy 
    • The GDPR settings allow customers to transfer their privacy policy link to their Loxo accounts. This feature will appear whenever candidates come to apply for jobs. Users will receive notice of cookies at the bottom of their webpage once the GDPR setting is on. The privacy policy will only be visible to candidates protected by the GDPR when applying for a job.
  • Managing Candidates 
    • After turning on the GDPR, all candidates who are protected by the GDPR will have a GDPR included at the bottom right-hand side of their user profile. Send consent, requests to edit/update, and contact preferences automatically through the system.

The Bottom Line - A AI-Powered Recruiting CRM that manages GDPR compliance with ease

Loxo understands that complying with the GDPR requires a practical solution that is easy to implement without hiccups. Their commitment to making GDPR compliance easy for customers has seen them develop a platform that is both intuitive and highly resourceful. They have created a user-friendly platform and help customers learn how to use the platform with comprehensive guides. The guides and technical information aim to solve customers' most pressing compliance problems to focus on recruitment.


Legal disclaimer:

This is not meant to be legal advice.  All information provided is for general information purposes only.  Consult with your own legal counsel and representatives to understand the laws and regulations in your jurisdiction, and reference your privacy policy to adhere to your organization's legal requirements.


About Loxo

Loxo is a best-in-class enterprise recruiting SaaS company specializing in AI and machine learning, combining an ATS and CRM, and includes drip email automation, SMS texting, VoIP calling, personal contact information, and candidate AI sourcing all-in-one easy to use platform. Learn why over 8,000 top recruiting organizations and talent acquisition teams across the globe trust Loxo. For more information on Loxo's GDPR guidelines and best practices, visit loxo.co or talk to a consultant: demo.loxo.co/


Person smiling at laptop using Loxo ATS software for remote recruitment

Remote Recruitment Tips From Loxo ATS

Over the last decade, the world has made incredible technological advancements that have enabled us to work from anywhere and complete our daily tasks virtually. It is no surprise that remote recruitment is becoming more virtual. Employees have proven that they can work remotely and still achieve their goals and be productive.  Companies have had to adopt virtual hiring and onboarding as a way to remain competitive. Thankfully, with the help of technology, companies can connect with potential employees remotely. Using technologies like Loxo ATS recruitment software is essential to managing your recruitment process virtually. Below is a look into remote recruitment and tips to consider when hiring virtually.

What is remote recruitment, and why is it important?

As the name suggests, remote recruitment is the process of finding employees virtually, scheduling interviews with job applicants from different locations. Also, companies want to hire the best possible talent without restrictions. According to Global Workplace Analytics, the number of remote workers has increased by 159% in recent years. 

During this Covid-19 pandemic, many companies are encouraging employees to work from home. However, these businesses have moved to a completely remote workforce and continue with online recruitment and hiring practices. The American Psychological Association has even recommended remote work saying that it has led to increased job satisfaction.

Remote recruitment tips 

Identify critical traits for potential employees.

One of the essential processes of remote recruitment is finding the right candidate. However, as much as most people would love to work from home, not everybody has the right set of skills and experience for a particular job. Some traits that remote recruiters should look for in a candidate are:

  • Strong communication skills
  • Time consciousness
  • Self-discipline
  • Proactive

Ask the right questions. 

Unlike the typical office setup, remote work requires candidates interested in the job, hardworking, and can work remotely without supervision. As such, you should ask the right questions during the recruitment process. The questions should relate to the preferred attributes that your candidate should possess. Based on the traits of your preferred candidate listed above, you can ask these questions.

  •  How does your candidate communicate with the management or their coworkers?
  •  What strategy does your candidate use to manage his/her time?
  • Has your candidate worked on a project independently?
  • Is your candidate up to date with trending topics? Also, has he/she engaged in a project that required communication to update the team on a project's status?

Choose the right tools.

Choosing the right recruitment software for your business ensures that you get a perfect fit for your job. However, technological advancements have led to software creations such as Loxo ATS Remote recruitment software that matches you with the right candidates for your job listing. Familiarizing yourself with the software is beneficial in speeding up the process.

 Engage your candidates through structured multichannel communications 

Undeniably, multichannel communication approaches are more reliable as compared to using single communication channels. Determining which channel to use for different stages of the recruitment process is essential. For example, emails should be used to send out offers to candidates, whereas calls and text messages should give urgent information such as shortlisting applicants.

Crafting excellent job ads 

The purpose of a job ad or listing is to help candidates understand what your remote job entails. To achieve this, you should ensure that your job descriptions are clear and accurate. Moreover, According to a CareerBuilder survey, posting a video for your ad can also boost views by 12% and raise applications by 34% compared to ads based on images and text. Moreover, running online tests are a great way to shortlist and screen candidates. As a remote hiring manager, looking beyond technical skills by creating open-ended questionnaires is vital. In conclusion, these quizzes assess skills, personality, and leadership skills while at the same time giving your applicants a great experience.

Data privacy 

The importance of data privacy in remote recruitment is overlooked. Similar to a company's data, you should prioritize safeguarding current and potential employee data. Furthermore, guaranteeing the confidentiality of potential employees maintains your company's integrity.

 Remote recruitments, as seen, run smoothly with the right set of tools to help with your recruitment strategy. It is time for companies to accept that remote working is the new norm by redefining their recruitment structure. Visit our website to learn more about how we can help you and your team streamline your workflow through our Loxo ATS recruitment software customized for your daily needs.

GDPR in recruitment

What Does GDPR in Recruitment Mean?

The GDPR is an EU policy that aims to protect people's personal data from misuse by others, especially organizations. It requires those who collect personal data to comply with stringent regulations. This law has profound implications for recruitment activities as they depend on the firms to manage massive amounts of personal data. So what does GDPR mean in recruitment?

Who Does GDPR Affect and What Are the Penalties?

The GDPR affects all organizations that collect and process personal data within the EU, including all European organizations and the non-EU firms that operate in the EU or collect data from EU residents. The European Union required all these organizations to be compliant with the law by 25 May 2018. Firms that fail to comply with the GDPR will incur a fine of up to 4% of annual turnover or revenue for global operations, or €20 million. Firms can also have their reputation damaged by fines and reprimands related to non-compliance.

What are the Terms, and How Do They Relate to Recruiting?

What does GDPR mean in recruitment? The GDPR considers employment candidates to be "data subjects." Recru. For instance, resumes often contain names, email addresses, phone numbers, and physical addresses. The GDPR aims to protect against the misappropriation of this data. The employer or their employees are "data controllers," meaning that they determine the objective of collecting personal data. They are fully responsible for the safety of the candidates' data and complying with the law when using it. The technology or agency that the recruiter uses to collect and process candidate data is also part of the "data processors" because they process candidate data on behalf of the company.

How Has GDPR Compliance Affected the Recruitment World?

The GDPR requires employers to collect candidate data with explicit, specific, and legitimate reasons. This means that recruiters can only compile job-related data to contact the candidate within 30 days or less. Recruiters must get the candidates' consent to obtain and process sensitive personal data. Recruiters must get permission from candidates when processing biometric, disability, cultural, and background data. When collecting such data, the recruiter must seek consent clearly and inform the candidate of the right to withdraw consent. Firms must be transparent and create clear privacy policies. They must disclose to the candidates their intention to store the data and clarify that it is to be used for recruitment purposes only. Recruiters must demonstrate the ability to comply with the GDPR and that all the third parties they are working with are compliant and accountable in their use of personal data.

How to Ensure Compliance for GDPR in Recruiting?

Ensure Software Vendors Are Compliant

Third parties who manage the company's recruitment information have access to all the candidates' information. That is why you should ensure that all your vendors comply with all the GDPR policies regarding data protection. Ensure that your Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) provider is fully compliant because they handle candidate data, modify information, and send emails to candidates. Learn more about Loxo's GDPR compliance promise. It is prudent to have an ATS for secure data management. Spreadsheets lack security and are at risk of breach due to their weak audit trails and insufficient access controls. Further, spreadsheets can be copied, modified, and shared without your knowledge.

Be Transparent

Only ask candidates for personal data that is necessary and relevant to the job they are seeking. When writing job adverts, let prospective candidates know that you will only use the recruitment data only and explain how long you will keep the data. If you intend to gather more information about the candidate during the screening process, state your intentions explicitly, and justify this action. When communicating with candidates, provide links to your privacy policies. Further, inform the candidate that they can request you to stop using, modifying, or sharing their private data. Once the preferred candidates are identified, you should delete the candidates' data that didn't cut. However, if you retain the data, inform the candidates of your intention.

Create A GDPR Compliance Policy 

The recruiter should create a transparent privacy policy elaborating how they collect, process, and safeguard candidates' data. They should also explain to the candidates how to request their data to be deleted or rectified. The firm should also create a privacy notice for all its recruitment activities. This notice will directly address the candidates, informing them of the measures they have taken to protect private data. The policy should include details about how long they intend to store candidates' data, candidates' rights, who will access the data, and how they will protect the data. 

Review Talent Pools 

GDPR covers all personal data the company holds, including collected before the law was introduced. This means that recruiters have to review their databases and files that store candidate data for compliance. Recruiters should update their talent databases and make sure the information they have accumulated is relevant and accurate. Further, they should determine the candidates whose profiles match current and future recruitment needs. They should delete the files of those unqualified candidates or who are no longer relevant to the organization's current needs. If you retain a past candidate in the database, contact them, and inform them of your intention to keep and process their data. Send them an email explaining all the data you hold about them and where you have stored it. The email should also include links to company privacy policies.

Get Ready to Listen to Candidate Requests When It Comes to Their Data

Recruiters must be ready to delete and stop processing the candidate's data if they exercise the right to be forgotten. The recruiter must delete that data within one month after getting the request. Recruiters must be willing to reveal the type of data they hold about a candidate and accept rights to rectify inaccuracies. The recruiter must comply with the requests within a month and give the candidate a free electronic copy of the records. The GDPR has had a profound effect on recruitment practices. Loxo has a fully automated GDPR feature that reduces the legal complexity of recruiting. Click here to learn more about how Loxo helps companies remain compliant. 

Learn more about how Loxo helps recruiters remain compliant here.

Recruitment Technology

What is AI Recruitment? What are the Benefits?

You hear the term "AI recruitment" thrown around all the time. Everyone talks about it, but does anyone know what it means? Due to modern technology advancements, this word is no longer just a term you use to impress your friends and co-workers. It has developed into a genuinely revolutionary tool within the recruiting space. The standard recruitment practice has involved tedious processes that require manual workloads and endless tasks for far too long. As novel innovations break onto the scene and artificial intelligence becomes a staple tool within the workplace, recruiters start to work smarter, and computers are beginning to work harder.

Just think about it, how many hours are spent sifting through thousands of resumes and cover letters each day? How many hours do recruiters spend reaching out to ideal candidates and tracking that outreach manually? This no longer has to be the case with the use of modern technology. With AI recruitment, recruiters can streamline their workflow, drive efficiency within their day-to-day operations, and ensure the perfect talent match with each hire. So let's get to it! Here are the top benefits of AI recruitment.

Spend More Time on Higher-Value Tasks and Reduce Time to Hire.

Did you know that 78% of job seekers apply for positions they are completely unqualified for? This means that, without the help of artificial intelligence, a recruiter can waste time parsing through resumes that they will ultimately reject. With AI recruitment, recruiters can utilize automatic screening to ensure that only the best candidates are moving down their pipeline. It is that simple! The deep learning technology will automatically source, filter, and rank best-fit candidates for the role you are looking to fill. While your AI recruitment platform does all of the dirty work, that frees up time on your end to focus on what is most important: finding the perfect candidate match.

Not only does AI recruitment free up time within your inbound recruiting efforts, but it also helps streamline and automate your outbound recruiting efforts. Automated outreach campaigns are an excellent tool for recruiters to engage with massive pools of candidates. They help enable recruiters to get in front of far more potential candidates at a fraction of the time and resources. Like in inbound, this automation only further enables recruiters to drive efficiency within their workflow and free up time within their everyday recruiting efforts.

Use AI Recruitment Software to Find High-Quality Talent.

As we all know, recruitment is about finding the perfect candidate match. That's the goal. As simple as that sounds, we all know how daunting that task can be. Many variables can go into what makes a good caliber candidate, and many times it can be entirely overwhelming for recruiters. With AI recruitment, recruiters can automate their sourcing and ensure only the highest caliber of candidates are making it onto their desks. Based on the specifications and job descriptions provided, the AI recruitment platform will automatically identify the best-fit candidates for the open position you are looking to fill. Not only that, but AI solutions are continuously learning the more that you use the platform. The more roles you fill with artificial intelligence and machine learning, the better the platform will become at predicting the optimal candidate for you to reach out to.

The Platform Grows with You.

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, AI recruitment platforms will continuously learn and grow to utilize their features and functionalities. This doesn't mean that the platform grows on its own; it is growing with YOU based on the data and information you provide. This means that your AI recruitment platform will continue to learn and develop to tailor to your specific recruitment needs completely. The more data you feed into the solution, the more individualized and tailored the results become.

Your AI recruitment platform will soon be identifying candidates who are, based on extensive data analysis and machine learning, the perfect match for your specific organization, and your role. It does not get easier than this. Just like how Spotify gets better at recommending songs for you and dating apps can find the ideal partner based on interest and profiles, AI recruitment platforms can provide you with the best candidates to fill your open roles.

Stop Overlooking Candidates with AI recruitment.

Human biases and large volumes of applications often lead to the disqualification of extraordinary candidates. Human recruiters can, consciously or subconsciously, misjudge candidates based on certain irrelevant factors. The use of AI recruitment software enables recruiters to avoid these biases and ensure they find the most objectively qualified candidates available in the market. Considering far more variables and data than any human recruiter ever could, these solutions will bypass any human error within recruitment and present the best candidates impartially and analytically. With AI recruitment software, you never have to worry about top candidates falling through the cracks again.

Long gone are the days of sifting through LinkedIn profiles and job boards. No longer do you need to send hundreds of manual emails a day to potential candidates. Life has gotten more manageable for the recruiter, and it is all thanks to AI recruitment platforms. Loxo's AI recruitment platform enables you to passively source the best available candidates, automate your outreach across multiple touchpoints, and track your progress across pipelines. As the perfect scalable solution, Loxo will grow with your recruiting efforts and set you up with an immediate advantage over the competition that will only widen over time

To learn more about how AI recruitment can help your team of recruiters work smarter and not harder click here! 

Another top firm chooses Loxos best ATS executive search

Another Top 20 Executive Search Firm Moves to Loxo

ON Partners  went live across all 9 offices on Loxo after a seamless implementation and pain-free data migration from Invenias by Bullhorn

Denver, Colorado (PRWEB) September 21, 2020

This week, Loxo announced that ON Partners has become the latest retained executive search firm to successfully implement Loxo’s Talent Intelligence Platform.  ON joins several hundred other executive search and recruitment agencies who have moved to Loxo in just the past six months alone.

Almost overnight, Loxo has become the platform of choice for the world’s leading recruitment organizations, including increasingly the largest retained executive search firms, which represent the upper echelon and highest levels of recruitment quality standards.

Best ATS and CRM for Executive Search Firms

Loxo is the #1 Talent Intelligence Platform and global leader in artificial intelligence recruitment automation software. Loxo’s state-of-the-art product suite and proprietary data solutions offer the most advanced recruiting and sourcing technology in the marketplace.

ON Partners had the highest organic growth rate among the nation’s top 20 executive search firms. Year after year they continue to rack up the accolades:

● Partners grew 44% over the past 12 months
● The firm ranked 17th in market research firm Hunt Scanlon’s annual roundup of the top 50 recruiters in the Americas
based on revenue
● Top 50 Healthcare & Life Sciences Search Firms by Hunt Scanlon
● Private Equity Recruiting Power 75
● Recognized by Forbes as one of America’s Best Executive Recruiting Firms

Validating its commitment to the client and candidate experience, ON chose to partner with Loxo, enabling ON’s consultants to quickly and easily identify the entire addressable executive market for a given search. Loxo’s proprietary platform offers advanced recruiting and sourcing technology – complementing ON’s existing expertise and ultimately providing a more diverse, collaborative and accessible experience for clients and candidates.

“What our consultants bring to the table is experience, and it’s the main reason our clients and candidates continue to work with us – and that ON continues to be recognized as a leader,” noted ON Partners co-founder and managing partner Tim Conti. “Adding the Loxo platform to the search equation gives our team a powerful yet fast tool to elevate that experience.”

AI Sourcing and Recruiting Automation in Executive Search

Matt Chambers, CEO, Loxo said, “We are delighted that a firm the caliber of ON Partners has chosen Loxo’s Talent Intelligence Platform to run their entire business from end-to-end. Loxo’s proprietary data solutions, artificial intelligence and suite of workflow automation products combined in one system will be transformational for ON’s business performance in the years to come. We are honored to take this journey with ON and contribute towards elevating the executive search experience for their consultants, their clients, and the candidates they represent.”

About Loxo 

Loxo is the #1 Talent Intelligence Platform and global leader in artificial intelligence recruitment automation software.  Loxo’s best-in-class enterprise SaaS platform combines proprietary data solutions,  AI candidate sourcing, ranking and matching with a state-of-the-art ATS and Recruiting CRM.  The platform includes personal contact information and a talent graph of over 560 million people. Loxo makes finding and hiring the very best possible talent faster and easier than ever before. Learn why more than 1350 recruiting organizations and talent acquisition teams across the globe trust Loxo at loxo.co

Recruiting CRM

The Best Recruiting CRM With AI Sourcing

Loxo's Recruiting CRM and AI Sourcing platform is the most advanced recruiting and sourcing technology in the marketplace

This week, Loxo introduced their next generation Recruiting CRM. The Recruiting CRM is now available in different package options including a version specifically built for the world’s largest enterprise organizations designed to bi-directionally integrate with an existing applicant tracking system or HRIS.  Loxo also unveiled a new product called Deals, designed for executive search, RPO and recruiting agencies.

Loxo is the #1 Talent Intelligence Platform and global leader in artificial intelligence recruitment automation software. Loxo’s state-of-the-art product suite and proprietary data solutions offer the most advanced recruiting and sourcing technology in the marketplace.

Why do recruiters use an ATS?

In 1998,  the ATS was created to manage the influx of applications from job boards. For more than twenty years, the applicant tracking system has remained the system of record for recruitment centered around screening inbound job board applicants. LinkedIn, career sites and other sourcing tools provide access to an ocean of passive talent, but the problem is all of the data lives outside of the core ATS and none of these sourcing tools integrate across their entire workflow.

What is a Recruiting CRM and how does it compare to an ATS?

In recent years, the Recruiting CRM has grown in popularity with the promise of being able to manage everything in the “pre-hire” process. The intent was to make it easier to build a talent community and talent pipelines and then nurture candidate relationships until it was time to move a candidate into the ATS at the interview stage.

Despite strong KPI improvements, traditional Recruiting CRMs have the same fatal flaws that ATS have – they were designed to manage inbound applicants and are exceptionally weak at search, sourcing and recruiting activities. In other words, the Recruiting CRMs available on the market today handle recruitment marketing and corporate branding activities, exclusively for the pool of applicants who have opted-in to their talent community. Talent acquisition leaders realize this is not an effective model and they are demanding better outcomes.

What is a Talent Intelligence Platform?  How does a Talent Intelligence Platform compare to a legacy ATS or Recruiting CRM and why is it so much better?

Loxo solves these decades old problems and redefines the role of a CRM in modern recruitment.

Loxo’s Recruiting CRM includes AI-driven candidate sourcing, ranking and matching technology coupled with a proprietary database of over 560 million people.  Since Loxo includes data, workflow automation and artificial intelligence solutions it becomes the ultimate in both inbound and outbound recruitment. Recruiting organizations are able to automate candidate opt-in, screening, sourcing and engaging candidates, freeing up recruiters to focus their time on interviewing only the very best candidates with the highest probability of being a perfect fit. This drastically improves the quality-of-hire, reduces time-to-hire and frees up resources to focus on more strategic efforts like diversity and inclusion.

Recruiting CRM offering both Inbound and Outbound Recruitment

“We wanted to take a holistic view of talent acquisition, and explore how we could simplify everything, automate as many steps as possible and create the easiest to use, yet most powerful recruiting platform in the marketplace for both agencies and the enterprise,” said Matt Chambers, Loxo cofounder and CEO. “There will always be recruiters in HR with skills limited to posting jobs, screening in-bound applicants and randomly filtering profiles on LinkedIn, but world-class recruitment teams utilizing Loxo are running circles around their traditional peers by harnessing the power of an automated pipelining and outbound recruitment platform.”

“The business requirements and product design challenges to seamlessly interweave everything we do in one system is extraordinarily complex. Building completely different CRM versions for each of our customer segments made this an order of magnitude more complicated and was our biggest software code release in history. We couldn’t be more excited to see the impact this has for our customers in the years ahead.”

Recruiting CRM for Executive Search and RPO

The agency version includes Deals, which is tightly integrated with Loxo’s state-of-the-art applicant tracking system. The combined platform offers an unrivaled end-to-end system of record for executive search, RPO, recruiting and staffing agencies. Deals manages the business development and marketing activities for agencies, so they no longer need a separate sales CRM like Salesforce, Hubspot, or Pipedrive.

Recruiting CRM for in-house talent acquisition teams

The in-house corporate version was specifically developed for enterprise sourcing and talent acquisition teams and was designed for bi-directional integration into existing HRIS or ATS products such as:

·     Workday - Workday's ATS it the Top Choice for Enterprise Fortune 500
·     Oracle    Workday is the #1 ATS system used by Fortune 500 companies, narrowly beating Taleo
·     SAP - Source, engage and hire the best talent
·     UltiPro
·     SuccessFactors - Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Human Capital Management
·     ADP
·     IBM Kenexa BrassRing - Listed in the top 10 best ATS for 2020 for Enterprise
·     BambooHR
·     Paylocity
·     Greenhouse - Best SMB Mid Market ATS.
·     SmartRecruiters - The best talent acquisition software
·     JobVite - Applicant Tracking System and Recruiting Software
·     iCIMS - Recruiting platform and diversity products

About Loxo

Loxo is a best-in-class enterprise recruiting SaaS company specializing in AI and machine learning, combining an ATS and CRM, and includes email automation, SMS texting, VoIP calling, personal contact information and candidate sourcing automation all-in-one easy to use platform. Loxo’s cloud platform makes every aspect of modern recruiting and talent acquisition simple, so companies can find and hire the very best possible talent faster. Learn why thousands of top recruiting organizations and talent acquisition teams across the globe trust Loxo at loxo.co

person using boolean logic

The Power of Boolean: Improve AND Simplify Your Recruitment Search

If the idea of powering your 21st century recruiting with 19th century mathematical theories sounds crazy, it is. Crazy smart, that is. Boolean is one of the most effective tools you can use to drastically streamline your search process, and it's also one of the simplest to learn.

What is Boolean?

Way back in 1847, an English mathematician named George Boole formulated the rules for a new type of thought that merged logic and algebra. Essentially, Boolean algebra uses true/false statements—known as "truth-values"—instead of numbers. By manipulating those truth-values with various logical operators, you can do some pretty cool things.

How did Boolean become so relevant today? Because we happen to live in a world powered by computers, which, at their most basic level, operate on true/false statements: a circuit can be either open or closed. (We're not talking quantum computing here, obviously. We'll leave that to the R&D folks.) By using Boolean logic to communicate true/false statements, we can talk to our computers (or our CRM, or a search engine) in their native binary tongue and get vastly better results.

How to Use Boolean?

So, how can you tap into the power for yourself? It starts with understanding the most basic premise: Statement 'a' can be either true or false, as can statement 'b.' By combining the two, you can get a third statement 'c' that is true when a and b are both true, as well as a statement 'd' that is true when a and b are both false, a statement 'e' that is true when a is false and b is true…and so on.

To use Boolean for your own recruiting efforts, you need to understand the few operators that make the logic tick.

The Three Basic Boolean Operators

Boolean logic relies on three fundamental operators.

a AND b: The AND operator requires both a and b to be true.

a OR b: The OR operator requires either a or b—or both!—to be true.

NOT a: The NOT operator requires a to be false.

Wait—that's it? Yep. Those are the three main operators that can power everything from your computer to your recruitment. It's all about clarifying what results you want from a search, whether in resolving ambiguities like "architect" versus "data architect" or in specifying exactly what kind of experience you want a candidate to have.

For a closer look at how Boolean works for recruitment, check out our [5 Boolean Operators You Need to Know].

Why Use Boolean?

Using Boolean to filter your recruitment search can help you [find the best candidates] (Loxo blog: How Do You Find the Best Candidates) faster. Instead of wading through an entire ocean of applications, you can quickly narrow down your results by including or excluding a few simple terms from your search.

The advantages Boolean can offer is similar to the difference between trying to find gold by sticking your hands in the stream versus using a pan to capture the right particles. It's like dialing your way through the entire phone book versus emailing a listserv of qualified candidates. It's like searching for a needle in a haystack versus using a magnet. It's like…

You get the picture. Boolean is your magnet, and, when used properly, it's going to lead you straight to the talent you need.

Ready to put Boolean to work for you? Check out our webinar for more of the nuts and bolts of using Boolean effectively and prepare to watch your hiring game get better AND quicker.

(See what we did there?)

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Winning the Talent War: 8 Reasons Why You Need a Recruitment CRM

Currently, the labor market is very competitive. Unlike in the past, where employers chose candidates, today, the opposite is the reality. Candidates have more power and freedom when hunting for a job, and hence choose their employers.

As such, businesses need to differentiate themselves in the job market. They need to find ways to engage candidates in the entire recruitment process and offer a great candidate experience. The question that follows is, 'how can enterprises provide candidates with an incredible experience and keep them interested in their organization in the recruitment process?'

The simple answer is 'recruitment CRM.' The software allows companies to manage and nurture candidates, and subsequently, attract top talent and fill positions quickly and cost-effectively. This article examines what recruitment CRM is and why your business needs it. Also, it explores signs that you need recruitment CRM to streamline your hiring efforts.

What is Recruitment CRM?

Recruitment CRM is a software that allows businesses to engage candidates when they apply for employment opportunities in their companies. It aims to offer timely and relevant communication with candidates in a bid to nurture them and preserve relationships with them over time in a central location. In recruitment, CRM stands for candidate relationship management.

What Does Recruiting CRM Do?

In a nutshell, a recruiting CRM enables recruiters to find –and hire top-notch candidates. With a recruitment CRM, you can retrieve a candidate's file in the talent database, and access their skills, qualifications, and previous employers. Recruiters can use the data stored in the database to establish relationships with candidates and reach them on a personal level.

A recruiting CRM enables you to;

  • Create a talent network in a single searchable database
  • Nurture and manage candidates – you can track a candidate's journey from application to starting their job.
  • Organize and manage vast applications, particularly during large-scale recruitment
  • Facilitate recruitment activities such as conducting qualification screening, scheduling interviews, and performing background checks.
  • Track the effectiveness of recruitment strategies.


Why You Need a Recruitment CRM

A recruitment CRM is vital in providing an excellent candidate experience in the hiring process. It also makes your job as a recruiter easier. Below are the benefits of a candidate relationship management software.

1.      Create Detailed Candidate Profiles

With a recruiting CRM, you can access all relevant information on a candidate, ranging from skill sets, interests, social accounts, and previous employers. You don't have to spend time searching through records and databases to get candidate data.

2.      Keep Candidates Engaged

A recruiting CRM helps keep candidates engaged and excited about the probability of joining your company. You can interact with candidates seamlessly in the hiring process.

3.      Build Talent Pools Quickly

When you have a central place to store candidates' information, you can create talent pools. This way, you can identify the best candidates for your open roles.

4.      Foster Timely and Personalized Communication

Recruitment CRM allows you to send timely and personalized updates on the progress of the recruitment process. Research shows that 82% of candidates expect employers to update them throughout the hiring process.

5.      Streamlining the Application Process

Nowadays, candidates don't want to spend hours filling application forms. Fortunately, a good recruitment CRM streamlines the application process. Candidates can even apply for a job through social media.

6.      Establish Relationships with Future Hires

While you may not hire every qualified candidate who applies for a position, you may want to build a relationship with them for future hires. A recruiting CRM allows you to maintain a network of candidates for future opportunities.

7.      Save Time

Forget about the time-consuming and laborious manual recruitment processes. Recruiting CRM automates most mundane tasks saving you time –and money.

8.      Track the Performance of your Hiring Efforts

A recruitment CRM helps you to determine what is working and what is not in the hiring process. You can establish your total time to hire and channels driving quality applicants to refine your recruitment strategy.

Signs You Need a Recruitment CRM

Although you may argue that ATS or spreadsheet is working for you, it is no longer the most efficient option. The time has come to adopt a recruiting CRM and take your recruitment efforts to the next level. Here are the indicators that you are ready for recruiting CRM.

· You Actively Source Candidates

ATS is primarily reactive –you only use it when candidates have applied. When actively sourcing candidates, ATS is ineffective. You need a recruiting CRM to find and manage prospects.

· You use Spreadsheets to Manage Candidates

While people use different tools to manage candidate data, ranging from sticky notes to Outlook tasks, spreadsheets are the most common. However, spreadsheets are useful for accounting and terrible for recruiting. With spreadsheets, updates are done manually, and you have to use them together with other tools like email.

· You are Recruiting Hard-to-fill Roles

While some roles have numerous applicants, others do not. When handling hard-to-fill roles, you need to create a pipeline of candidates and nurture relationships. Recruiting CRM can help you build a talent pool.

· You Devote Loads of Time to Processes and Workflow

If you waste much time with ATS processes and workflows, you deserve better. Modern recruitment CRMs save time by automating most of the processes and workflows.

· You have Several Profiles of the Same Person

Numerous situations can lead to duplicate profiles in your ATS. This is mainly because ATS' design compromises visibility while managing things from a requisition approach. Below are several scenarios that can lead to duplicate profiles for ATS and not CRM.

  • Sourcing a candidate already in the system
  • A past candidate re-applying
  • A candidate applying for two separate jobs at the same time
  • An employee referring an applicant already in the system

· Your ATS is a Candidate Graveyard

You probably have thousands of candidates' data in your ATS. Unfortunately, the data is rotting away because it is outdated and hence, unusable. A recruiting CRM turns a candidate graveyard to a goldmine where you can source candidates in the future.

Bottom Line

As the talent market becomes more competitive, more employers and recruiters are focusing on candidate experience. Whether your organization is recruiting two candidates or tens of them, one thing is for sure –you require a system to manage and nurture every one of them. Recruiting CRM offers a way to make hiring efforts efficient and build relationships with candidates. Learn more about Loxo's recruiting CRM.

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How to Automate Your Company's Recruiting Process

Have you ever wondered how to automate your company's recruiting process? Today, most recruiting is still accomplished using traditional methods such as posting job ads on job boards, hiring people we know on a personal level, hiring based on recommendations, or turning to networks to locate the ideal candidates. While these methods can yield good results and help businesses find the right candidates, they can be disorganized, difficult to manage, and lead us to some candidates who turn out not to be a good fit.

To help mitigate some of the issues around the recruiting process and improve upon it, Loxo is here to organize the big data needed for centralized sourcing. At the same time, Loxo is coding an algorithm that helps narrow down candidate selections to the best possible choices for each job opening.

What Is Recruiting Automation?

Recruiting automation is the process of efficiently utilizing all of your recruiting tools, along with AI-driven sourcing and automated outreach. As a result, recruiting automation creates a more seamless recruiting flow that enables you to easily add candidates and place them in matching positions. With so much big data out there to improve people's lives, many businesses are neglecting to use that data to help find people land the perfect jobs, but automation would make that process far simpler while maximizing accuracy.

Can Recruiting Be Automated?

With today's technological capabilities, it's easier than ever to automate the recruiting process. Subsequently, firms that don't implement recruitment automation will suffer from less efficiency as they struggle to find and place the right candidates for each position. You no longer need to rely on outdated methods and questionable data to help you find the ideal candidates.

How to Automate the Recruiting Process

If you want to benefit from recruitment automation, Loxo makes it easy for recruiters to pinpoint the ideal candidate for every position. We use an algorithm that's based on billions of data points collected, which helps identify cultural fit and next logical career moves. The algorithm also helps map position requirements with experience to ensure that candidates have the level of experience you need to fill the position.

Using Loxo's various tools that involve AI recruiting and ATS automation, you'll be able to easily automate the recruiting process, maximizing both efficiency and accuracy.

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How Loxo Source Uses AI Recruiting to Help with Recruitment Automation

Through the use of Loxo Source recruiting technology, you can use AI for sourcing in lieu of job boards. Using a combination of big data and AI, the system ranks hundreds of millions of prospective candidates based on a number of factors. Our recruiting software looks into each candidate's cultural fit within the prospective organization, his or her next logical career move, and many other elements that help determine which candidates are the best matches. You no longer need to pick from candidates who simply look good on paper with so much data in your hands.

Loxo Source offers a number of capabilities for recruiters, including:

  • Conduct searches by boolean keywords, or choose from different filters including title, location, experience, or tenure to find the perfect candidates anywhere in the world.
  • Benefit from a significant reduction in cost-per-hire by saving more money that would ordinarily go toward various recruiting tools, external sourcing, or additional hires.
  • Locate candidate contact details for phone calls, emails, or texts.
  • Quickly add more people into job pipelines, drip emails, and tagged lists that increase ease of communication.
  • Save recruiters as much as thousands of hours annually by cutting data entry.
  • Maintain compliance with reliable data security including U.S. Department of Commerce Privacy Shield and GDPR.
  • Automate follow-up and recruitment marketing campaigns.
  • Remain competitive throughout the recruiting and hiring process by retaining IP and critical marketing intelligence.

Use the Chrome Extension for Quick Connections

You can make the recruitment process even easier using the Loxo Chrome extension, which allows you to input people directly into your system from LinkedIn, parsing their profile and enriching their information for use within Loxo. Simply download the extension and add it to your Chrome browser with a single install. You can then click on the icon when on a potential candidate's profile, and the sidebar will pop up, enabling you to create a new record for the person. It will also let you know if the person is already in the system to avoid duplicates.

If you're ready to contact the individual, you can also send an email or SMS directly through the extension as you add him or her to a specific job, campaign, or deal. You can also easily update information about each person to keep everything up-to-date.

Use Loxo Connect to Access Personal Contact Information

We also understand that talent acquisition entails a lot more after final submittals, and the ability to establish and grow relationships with candidates is crucial. It can be a challenge to increase engagement via LinkedIn communications or other unconventional channels, as texting is proven to perform better. With the help of Loxo Connect, you can further automate the recruiting process by locating personal contact information with one simple click.

All personal information such as personal emails and mobile numbers, along with company emails and phone numbers, will give you everything you need to contact candidates. With Loxo Connect, you'll experience even more efficiency as you eliminate more data entry and administrative research tasks in order to automate your company's recruiting process.

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Use Loxo Outreach to Automate Follow-Up

Relationship management is also vital to succeed with candidates and clients alike. Using the Loxo Outreach tool, you can easily follow up with candidates through a series of customized communications. You can also set up communications collectively or add people as they enter your database.

Loxo Outreach makes it easier than ever to create an outreach campaign from templates or from scratch. You can then choose from stages such as email, SMS, call queue, voicemail drop, LinkedIn tasks, or Loxo tasks. From there, add as many stages as you want for each campaign, and create delays to avoid contacting the same person multiple times within a day.

Loxo Outreach also makes it easy to change any aspects of your campaign prior to adding people.

Optimize and Automate the Recruiting Process with the Help of Loxo's Solutions

By utilizing Loxo's tools and state-of-the-art recruiting technology, you can supercharge the recruiting process through automated sourcing and much more. If you would like to learn more about the capabilities of Loxo and learn how to automate your company's recruiting process, demo Loxo today and you'll see how our solution can help you successfully find and connect with the perfect candidates.

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