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ATS Automation and Workflows Benefits

Advancements in technology have done wonders for the recruiting world and ATS automation is just the beginning. Recruiters can now reach millions of potential candidates online, create comprehensive pools of talent, and develop hiring strategies that implement social media and apps to reach younger hires. With a growing industry and growing capabilities comes more time-consuming steps, complex procedures, and expectations on the recruiting side. This is where an applicant tracking system (ATS) comes into play.

ATS technology automates, simplifies, and streamlines the time-consuming procedures in the recruiting process. Surviving as a recruiter in today’s market isn’t a question of whether or not to use an ATS; it’s a question of how best to use it.

Save Money and Time with Automation

Lowering the time-to-hire and cost-per-hire are two of the most important metrics that recruiters pay attention to. Implementing ATS workflows and automation processes can help to improve both of these. According to GetApp, 86% of recruiters said that using an ATS helped them reduce their time-to-hire. With ATS automation, routine tasks that previously took hours can now be executed with much less time. Candidate sourcing, screening, resume parsing, scheduling interviews, reaching candidates and clients can all be automated with an intelligent ATS.

Additionally, an automated ATS will help reduce your cost-of-hire. With less time spent on time-consuming, mundane tasks, recruiters can create greater economy by utilizing their time elsewhere in the recruiting process. An ATS will also provide you with valuable data and tools so you can make smarter decisions. ATS automation comes with several features, one of which being an evaluation of source of hire. If you know the most effective source of hire for a certain field or position, you can save time and money by focusing on only the most effective sources. 

ATS Marketing Automation

Outside of staffing and recruiting, an ATS can be an extremely valuable marketing tool. One of the few ways recruiters reach out to candidates, both passive and active, is through emails. ATS marketing automation can create customized email campaigns to reach out to specific categories or groups of candidates. If you’re attending an event in a state or city, you can use your ATS to create a list of prospective candidates. Prior to attending the event, you can refer to the information in your ATS to contact those individuals, thus establishing communication with candidates prior to seeing them in person. 

You can also create instant notes and rankings of talent pools, share those notes with other recruiters who have access to the ATS, and begin to prioritize outreach to talent pools or candidates. Additionally, whatever information or contacts you gather along the way can be saved and organized in your ATS, making it easier for you to come back to old talent and build a foundation for the future. 

ATS Automation and Candidate Quality

Because the hiring market is so competitive, it’s important to utilize an ATS to ensure you’re connecting with top talent before they’re picked up by another agency. By automating ATS workflows, recruiters will not only have an easier time connecting with candidates but will also improve the candidate experience. Candidates will find recruiters being quicker to respond, more organized, and generally easier to communicate with. A happy candidate translates to more referrals and greater brand awareness, which, in turn, leads to a higher quality of candidates. 

Remember that top talent, because of their exceptional qualifications, are only on the market for a limited time. Speeding up the hiring process, communicating more efficiently, and ensuring the best possible candidate experience are all ways to maximize your ability to match them with clients. ATS automation comes with several benefits that are crucial to your company’s long-term success. As technology and automation continues to pervade into the recruiting world, it behooves recruiting agencies to start building their foundation and implement an ATS into their processes. 

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Why You Should Never Build Your Own Recruiting ATS CRM

Building Your Own Recruiting Software is A Fools Errand

When your leadership in your recruiting organization tell you that you're going to be building your own recruiting software.

But it's "proprietary" and gives us market differentiation with our logo on it, and we can resell it... "We are the experts, we can do this better"...

Those leaders will not be leading 5 years from now and they will have wasted tens of millions of dollars, a decade of opportunity cost, and will watch the majority of their recruiters walk out the door. Trust me. I have seen this happen literally hundreds of times over the the last seven years. Not one single time over seven years has it ended well.

If it were a good idea, surely there would be at least one recruiting organization who had created a revolutionary software product???

But hey, what do I know.....

What about building on top of Salesforce or another CRM

Whether you attempt to have something built by a consulting web development shop or build it entirely in-house by hiring back-end and front-end engineers and machine learning and AI engineers and data scientists, product managers, etc. conceptually either option will ultimately lead down the same path.  Building enterprise software is akin to "shaving a yak."

That includes building sourcing automation, and candidate engagement or candidate enablement solutions.  These are core recruiting activities. My main argument is that technological innovation moves so fast in the open market that it is impossible for a recruiting agency, RPO or executive search firm to build a software product that outperforms the open marketplace. It is a fool’s errand.

Also, in my opinion building on top of an existing database is the worst possible option. Just ask Robert Half recruiters after almost a lost decade, they are still struggling with “customizing salesforce” to do what they need and they have UNLIMITED resources.  This was supposed to be the easiest option for them to get “their own custom ATS + CRM.” Now it is SUPER old and they’ve invested too much to stop now…..

A recruiting team with their own software is going to be at a major disadvantage and waste a lot of time and resources trying to maintain something that builds technical debt immediately, and doesn’t have the open market pressures to polish it on a daily basis.

The velocity of innovation in the open market moves so fast that a new product launch today is late and already falling behind.  In a modern world now with AI and machine learning sourcing solutions, can you afford to fall years behind?