Bringing you another recruiting industry first Loxo has completely reimagined Task Management

In our relentless quest to be the #1 technology innovator across the Applicant Tracking System and CRM software landscape, we are excited to announce our latest release.

How some customers are using it: Daily To Do lists, call lists, interview tracking, tracking your sales pipeline activity, even reminders to call mom!

Planning your day and staying organized has never been easier or more effective.

Bringing you another #recruiting industry first. Cool new #hrtech

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Click here to see the new Tasks in action

Fun and easy to use — Loxo uses a Kanban approach to visually organizing sets of tasks. Drag and drop your tasks from To do, to In Progress, to Completed….or edit the board to track whatever tasks are most critical.

What is Kanban and why is it so valuable? Read this amazing blog post from a leader in Agile software principles, Atlassian.

At Loxo we spend a lot of time talking about Usability, Customer Experience and the power of implementing Agile lean operations. Being able to out execute your competition is a game changer, and if you’re not familiar with Agile lean methodologies we are excited to be able to introduce it to your team to be more productive and stay organized.

Until today, there was no effective and easy way to plan your daily tasks and dominate your To Do List. The best part about this is how simple it is to create and manage your daily to do list, and it’s private and customizable for each user.

Rome wasn’t built in a day

We are on a relentless quest to build the most cutting-edge yet easiest-to-use recruiting technology in the world, while ultimately helping ambitious people reach their greatest potential.

Thank you for joining us on this journey, we couldn’t do it without you and look forward to your continued support and feedback.
– The Loxo Team

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Loxo Introduces State-of-the-Art People Search and Data Mining

We’re excited to announce the launch of our state-of-the-art search and data mining capabilities.

The details are below, but there’s also some fun anticipation in this post about the unbelievable velocity at which our startup is evolving and what’s coming next on our product roadmap. As Loxo’s software matures, our customers and community are finally starting to see the differentiation in our technology and with each big release, it becomes more apparent just how lofty our long-term vision really is. We’d love to invite you toSign up for our newsletter to receive major updates and follow our progress as we continue along our journey in creating the Next Generation Talent Intelligence Platform.

We’ve decided to keep the details for the second phase of this release under wraps until the big launch, and we’ll share that in a Part 2 Newsletter announcement.

Enough about us, let’s talk about how this helps you be more successful, because that’s really all that matters.

  • This will enable you to find and engage more of the best people in less time than ever before.
  • This also enables you to create smarter lists and sub groups of people in your database. Use Loxo’s tags and start to slice and dice your ATS/CRM database in ways that give you a huge competitive advantage.

Find the best candidate in record-breaking time. Cool new #hrtech


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Click here to see the new search in action

Part 1: Search & filter by many data fields at once including:

  • Key words
  • Your Tags
  • People owned by you or any team member(s)
  • Compensation Range
  • Company and or job title
  • Location and zip code
  • By Source
  • By date ranges (either date created or most recent activity)
  • Any words inside resumes and your notes

Rome wasn’t built in a day

We are on a relentless quest to build the most cutting-edge yet easiest-to-use recruiting technology in the world, while ultimately helping ambitious people reach their greatest potential.

Thank you for joining us on this journey, we couldn’t do it without you and look forward to your continued support and feedback.
– The Loxo Team

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In the Age of Technology, Your Technology Partner is Everything

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For the recruiters and talent acquisition leaders who have yet to hear about Loxo, your timing couldn’t be better. We’d love to introduce you to our humble startup that is one of the fastest growing HR Tech platforms in the country.

Loxo is not your ordinary applicant tracking system. We are a cutting edge tech startup developing the next generation recruiting platform. This is an important differentiator to both our users and our business vision.

In the age of technology — it’s never been more important to select the very best technology partner you can or risk being left in the dust.

Over the months and years ahead we will push the boundaries of what’s possible from a technology perspective and do everything we can to give you a competitive advantage and build better relationships.

What exactly does that mean for you, and could there finally be a dream tool?

Loxo is the easiest to use recruiting platform offering a modern and delightful user experience, however — our secret sauce is under the hood and despite it’s ease of use, Loxo is unlike any recruiting system before it.

The pace of industry change is accelerating — have you noticed? Let us know and join the conversation. The war for talent and ability to recruit the best has never been more competitive. We have a long term vision and steadfast belief in helping provide you with the most intelligent technology on the entire market. That ultimately allows you to do so much more with your time — you get to choose how to spend it! We genuinely appreciate your interest in learning more about Loxo — we exist to help the leaders in talent acquisition have the tools of tomorrow, that you need today to stay ahead of all the noise.

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A Level Playing Field

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As entrepreneurs, small business owners and recruiters, starting work on Monday sometimes feels like walking onto the field in the picture above, with the odds a bit stacked against us. Entrepreneur Magazine recently published an article “4 Ways to Level the Playing Field of Small Business Recruitment,” highlighting the critical role small businesses play in job growth, but also the competitive disadvantages they sometimes face due to lack of scale.

This challenge is likely dual-edged for you if you are running your own desk or are part of a small team. You need to attract top recruiters to your organization to help you grow your business and you need to be able to find and compel top talent to join your client’s teams.

Now we’ll forgive the author for not recognizing how a recruiter can be an amazing option for a small businesses to connect with top talent, but her points about not having time or resources to waste and the democratizing impact of technology are on point. These are the same opportunity gaps that the Loxo team wants to help you bridge. Your clients need you to deliver high quality candidates ASAP. You do not have time to waste searching through multiple files or handwritten notes to identify that right candidate. You need an efficient way to scour the vast amount of information and connections online to keep your pipeline of potential candidates fresh. You do want to invest tens of thousands of dollars in an applicant tracking system that is not intuitive, easy to use or robust enough to meet all of your needs.

We wholeheartedly agree with the author’s conclusion, “By accessing many of the same tools large companies use, those top candidates are within their [small businesses’] reach.” Loxo exists to give you an even better ATS than large companies use, and to level that playing field. Innovation and entrepreneurship drive the economy and we’re excited to partner with you to grow.

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Loxo Introduces Cutting Edge CRM Along With New UI Design

Combining the power of the world’s most delightful applicant tracking system with a cutting edge CRM to give you everything you need under one roof.

We’re excited to announce our latest release — and man is this a big one! The engineering and product team have poured blood, sweat and tears into delivering what may be our largest overall product release in our history.

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Life is short — shouldn’t you choose software you love to use?


UX. Product Design. Intelligence.

Our customers User Experience means everything to us. It’s built into our mission, embedded in our team’s DNA, and will always be a core focus to our business.

We are constantly challenging our team to raise the bar and push the boundaries of what is technically possible, to reimagine how recruiting software should look as well as function, and bring you the most user friendly and intelligent recruiting software on the planet.

The magic of the user experience in Loxo comes to life when you start to interact with the CRM, and are able to watch what unfolds. You will find this experience to be drastically different from traditional applicant tracking systems available on the market and that is why we are so excited to be able to bring this to our customers.


With the addition of the CRM Loxo has delivered unsurpassed value within one simple tool to not only map the talent market and facilitate recruiting functions, but also manage all your contacts, accounts and activities for yourself or your entire organization. Now you can see a history of any associated event, job, talent pipeline, team member activity, even emails/notes, etc. all in one place and it automatically updates without any manual effort or unnecessary data entry. Now that’s smart!

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We have a great summer tradition here in Denver, where Loxo is headquartered. It’s called “Movies on the Rocks” and Red Rocks, which is better known as a concert venue, turns into a large outdoor movie theatre for you and 9,449 of your closest friends. This past week’s event featured the fabulously campy cult classic, The Princess Bride. If the phrases “mahwwaige” and “twue wuv” aren’t echoing in your head right now, I just don’t know what to say (and you might want to stop reading…)!

But another classic phrase resonated with me this time — “INCONCEIVABLE!” The character Vizzini is the criminal “genius” and leader of the rag-tag Fezzik (yeah, André the Giant!) and Inigo Montoya (“you killed my father, prepare to die!!”). Vizzini repeatedly exclaims this as Wesley is successful in his pursuit of Vizzini, who has kidnapped Wesley’s love, Buttercup.

I realized this is actually the perfect analogy for what we (you and us here at Loxo) experience everyday as entrepreneurs and business owners. Vizzini is the status quo, all of those who look at you like you’re crazy when you explain your vision. Those who exclaim “INCONCEIVABLE” when you make your idea a reality. We love surprising and delighting clients. We live for those moments when they realize there is a better way to manage their recruiting business and workflows. We identify with Wesley — someone who recognizes that when you find someone/something you are passionate about, it’s not something you take lightly or give up on. You scale the Cliffs on Insanity in pursuit and you don’t let anything stop you. And while there may be a lot of blood, sweat and tears involved, it’s all worth it in the end.

Have you had many Vizzini’s in your career? How have you overcome them? And what was your favorite feeling in that moment when you reached your goal?

So work on that legacy and have a movie night if you need a little fun encouragement. If a 1987 movie can have a 97% Rotten Tomatoes critics’ approval 28 years later, imagine the impact you can have!

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Passion and Vision

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With all of the press surrounding the Google I/O (their annual developer conference), I came across an interview of Sundar Pichai on Verve (Pichai has taken over most day-to-day responsibilities from co-founder Larry Page). You may be thinking to yourself, “Google is cool, but why are you sharing it on a recruiting blog?” Fair enough — here’s what inspired me.

Entrepreneurship. You are either running your own desk or are a critical part of a larger team, you are entrepreneurs and business owners. You saw a gap in the market and knew you could fill it better. And while comparing yourself to Google may bring up like a gnat-on-an-elephant analogies in your mind, I always find it a great reminder that their leadership is driven by that same vision to fill a void, set back by Page and Brin when no one knew what Google was. As Pichai states, Google’s exists “to work on big problems that help solve big problems in users’ lives” and “drive technology as an equalizing force, as an enabler for everyone around the world.” WOW — I don’t know about you, but his passion and sense of purpose just jump off the screen to give me a mid-week inspiration boost!

Technology. Translating that vision into practical application means “giving people everywhere the power of Google’s machine learning whenever and wherever they need it” and “organizing the world’s information,” according to Pichai. Google has changed so much of what we do that the name is even used as a verb! From search, to ads, to Maps, to Drive and beyond — technology has changed how we do most anything in our lives, whether related to business or personal. Yet it is still only the tip of the iceberg, especially in the recruiting industry. We still operate using old databases, paper files, computer programs with a difficult user interface. Just like Google, recruiting needs the power of machine learning and organization of data. Wouldn’t it be great if our ATSs worked as intuitively as our iPhones, or were able to manage a job order as easily as we can manage our banks accounts from our phones, tablets and laptops without ever stepping foot in a physical branch? This is the gap our co-founders saw and are passionate about solving — increase efficiency and effectiveness through technology, both the user experience and the power of big data. But similar to Google, with that higher purpose of helping people achieve their greatest potential!

So, I’d encourage you — take 10 minutes out of your day for a little inspiration and thought-provocation. Are you delivering on your mission and are you ahead of the curve when it comes to empowering your business with technology?

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Graduation Season

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Graduation season is upon us, with leagues of eager, wide-eyed twenty-one year olds ready to start their careers. This time of year always reminds me of the best career advice I got in my first job. After two years as a management consultant, I realized I was hitting a glass ceiling where the next step was to go back for an MBA. Taking a step back, I realized I needed to have more clarity about what I wanted to do post-MBA before dropping the cash and time on an MBA. This also meant it was time to look for a job that would help me gain said clarity.

I had one issue though — I didn’t know know my market value. I second guessed myself — I had a great paying job for my age, what am I thinking to enter the mid-2008 layoff-heavy job market!?! Thankfully, my mentor helped me identify this issue. It was a tough dose of reality, but he was right to point out that

“no one was going to care more about my career than I would


and it was my responsibility to make sure I always had options.”

I needed to build relationships with recruiters and be in regular contact.


I needed to keep my resume up-to-date at all times, to have a pulse on potential job opportunities.”

If I didn’t take control, I could be caught off guard by a layoff, restructure, or merger, be unprepared for a salary negotiation or not be able to walk away when my current role/company was no longer the right fit.

This advice greatly shaped my approach to my career and, I believe, enabled me to be open and proactive about my next career move. But I’m curious — what advice has shaped your career? How do you as a recruiter open the minds of potential candidates to the world of opportunities at their fingertips?

Interested in trying Loxo? Just click “Get Started” at the top of the page to get a demo and get ahead of the curve!

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What actually matters these days?

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I recently read this article on Why Your Job Title Doesn’t Actually Matter. The author, Ryan Smith, accurately points out that “the best organizations know that too much hierarchy kills innovation” and highlights how leaders truly lead by doing, not by sitting and barking orders from the top. At Loxo, we strive to be on the cutting-edge of development both with our technology and our culture. But the end of the article left me puzzling two unaddressed questions as it applies to the recruiting business: 1) how do recruiters help move clients towards this new model of thinking, so they understand the quality of candidates being recommended and 2) how do recruiters better identify candidates who will lead through doing and have a material impact on a client’s business?

With regards to the first question, changing the culture of corporate America is like turning the Titanic. It’s going to take a long time and the smallest error can lead to disaster, which is the least desired outcome with an important client. We believe the ability to track, access and organize a candidate’s data will help you build a winning case for your recommendation. Rather than scouring post-it notes, old emails and spreadsheets, the nuances of your client’s verbiage and how best to communicate with them should be at your fingertips.

With regards to identifying better candidates, technology is the answer, but is only starting to have the revolutionary impact on the recruiting industry we’ve seen in other industries (hello, airbnb and Uber andSlack and and and). When faced with a vast candidate pool, recruiters need ways to quickly classify candidates and determine where to focus. Maybe a candidate’s prior title is indecipherable (Lead Marketing Specialist II, anyone?) and historically that resume has hit the trashcan for efficiency. But what if that was the perfect fit? At Loxo, we believe in the power of data and empowering recruiters with easy access to and ability to analyze the vast amount of data points available on a candidate.

As Smith points out, finding this new type of employee is how to “survive in this new era of business.” We agree — the goal is to ensure the recommended candidates are ones who will help the client succeed in today’s competitive marketplace and not just take up headcount. After all, happy clients turn into repeat clients and the ability to move beyond title and other surface-level candidate qualities helps create this virtuous cycle. And helping you do

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Trendspotter: The Power of Candidates

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Loxo Blog

With economic growth on the upswing, there has been a shift in the dynamics of the company-recruiter-candidate relationship. Power has shifted from the companies and recruiters to the candidates. It’s pretty simple math — more jobs, more opportunities, more choice for elite candidates.

According to The Recruiter Sentiment Survey by the MRINetwork, 83 percent of the surveyed recruiters acknowledge this trend. But what are the implications and how do you adapt?

  • Recognize that top talent is busy kicking butt at their current job and needs your help to conduct a job search. You still have a ton of value to offer, you just need to help them understand how you can help them.
  • Increase your focus on passive candidates. Elite talent may be content in their current role, but are usually always open to hearing about an opportunity that helps them take their career to the next level.
  • Utilize the best tools like Loxo. Never miss another candidate hidden in your database again with Deep Database Search and Talent Mining.
  • FASTER! Elite talent is likely being courted by several companies. It is important to ensure cultural fit, but the days of taking 9 weeks and 6 rounds of interviews will only leave you in the dust. And be careful of the impression you are giving the candidate — if you can’t seem to make up your mind after a few rounds, they will certainly favor a company that has decisively shown interest and that the candidate is wanted.
  • Be holistic. Candidates today are about so much more than salary. Don’t forget all of the selling points of the opportunity — work/life balance, quick advancement, strong mentorship, ability to rotate and gain different skills within an organization, valuable benefits and retirement plans.
  • Invest time in relationships. When bombarded with multiple opportunities, it’s human nature to default to the people you trust, whom you know have your best interest at heart. Despite all the benefits of technology, don’t forget this is a people business its heart.

What else would you add? How have you adapted to this new dynamic?

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