Does your recruiting brand really matter?

Imagine this.

You just hung up the phone with a dream client. You identified their dire need for the best hire and sold yourself as the leading recruiter in your market.

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Need that purple squirrel’s phone number? Loxo Connect will get it for you.

Hiring Manager Hannah at CoolestCompanyEver, or CCE Inc., hangs up and feels great about the conversation. While she has a million things to do, Hannah decides to google you.

Your LinkedIn profile is their first search result (ideally) and what do you know, you are one of the standout recruiters who doesn’t have a car selfie as a profile picture.

You’re in.

Well you and a few others who made the cut. You have the chance to prove yourself so you get to work.

If you’re using Loxo to manage your workflow, you are already a step ahead of the competition.

While you and your team of recruiters start to work on identifying the top candidate, your client at CCE experiences the following:

  • Recruiter Anne (probably using a second tier ATS), falls off the face of the earth. She may be working on the req but because she’s a tad disorganized, she forgets to stay in touch with CCE Inc.
  • Recruiter John starts calling CCE Inc., daily to ask Hannah if she received the five candidate profiles that were sent over immediately after receiving the job req. None of the candidates were the best fit so ignoring John becomes part of Hannah’s work flow.
  • Recruiter Molly sets up a site visit to learn more about the office environment. She shows up to meet Hiring Manager Hannah in person, discusses the company culture and identifies the missing skill set for the team in need. Molly meets the company leaders and team so she can report back to her candidate. She heads back to the office and confidently begins to identify the best candidate for this role.
  • Recruiter Ryan meets with the hiring manager at CCE immediately after Molly leaves the office. Ryan also learns about the office dynamics and personalities on the team. Later that evening Hiring Manager Hannah runs into Ryan at a job fair where they are both networking with local job seekers. They tackle the crowd together and Hannah leaves the job fair with a handful of resumes and a memory of Ryan’s dedication to finding the best candidate.

John and Anne spent hours recruiting for this position only to miss the mark on relationship building with their client. Molly nailed her introduction to the client and Ryan took it a step further.

After a few weeks, Hiring Manager Hannah at CCE Inc., selected Molly’s candidate — a rock star and perfect hire for the role. A few weeks later, Hannah had a new job req and her first call was to Ryan- someone she trusted to go to bat for her new search.

Hopefully you are Recruiter Ryan or Recruiter Molly in the above scenario. Molly made the placement, but Ryan earned Hannah’s future business.

Does your recruiter brand earn future business?

Here are a few ways to ensure you are a new client’s first call when they have a hiring need:

  • Stay organized with the leading applicant tracking system and CRM.
  • Use the same high-res professional photo for all of your public social profile pictures.
  • Publish consistent and useful content in order to engage with your clients and candidates. Communicate your values, successes and personality in all of your content.
  • Build relationships beyond the phone call. You’re busy but so is your client. Getting to know the client team by name sets you apart from recruiters who sit behind their desk. You become an extension of your clients’ teams.
  • Control your speed to market by using tools like Loxo Connect to find the personal contact information for your industry’s purple squirrels and unicorns.
  • Participate in community events, job fairs, industry workshops, etc. You set yourself apart when you consistently show up to industry events. Your constant presence builds both familiarity and trust as a go-to recruiting resource. Don’t just rely on your team for presence- they are building their own personal brand, not yours.
  • Did you place a rock star candidate? Ask your client AND candidate to leave a LinkedIn review. This builds your credibility for when you reach out to that purple squirrel tomorrow.
  • If you work for an agency, remember that you need a personal brand in addition to the awesome agency brand you work for. People want to connect with people before they connect with a company.
  • You may have been recruiting for decades but curiosity keeps you relevant. Keep asking questions and humanize the hiring process by exuding your passion to learn.

Do you have a story of how you went above and beyond to connect with a client or candidate — and it paid off? Are you a corporate hiring manager that has been impressed by a recruiter brand?

We want to raise the bar when it comes to the recruiting industry’s reputation. Help us do so by sharing your story and building your excellent brand. Share your experience in the comments below or email our team to be featured in a future blog post. Your story matters!

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Need that purple squirrel’s phone number? Loxo Connect will get it for you.

Feeling disconnected without Connectifier?

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Make the perfect hire with Loxo Connect

LinkedIn’s recent acquisition of Connectifier by no means broke the internet, but the recruiting world has spoken and they want their contact info back.

If you’re like our clients, you’re the best at what you do. You are probably one of the first recruiters to have scoured the internet for tools that will help you connect with top candidates.

Whether you spend your day looking for executives, developers, physicians, accountants or other in-demand talent; connecting with your candidates to build a relationship and share life-changing opportunities is no luxury.

Finding their contact information is key to your day-to-day efforts and speed to market sets you apart.

We hear you.

You have probably already tried browser plugins like 360Social, Context Scout or Prophet and are disappointed. Maybe you were an early-adopter of social profile aggregators like TalentBin or Entelo.

There are others out there, all promising to do the same thing — connect you to your candidate — but leaving you disappointed with the bare minimum social handle or the occasional email address.

To make matters worse, none of these tools are built directly into your workflow.

Having spent tens of thousands of (very rewarding) hours building a world-class applicant tracking system (ATS and CRM) for hundreds of leading recruiting firms, has afforded us a unique opportunity to hear our clients’ everyday challenges, frustrations and concerns.

So many of our conversations over the past few weeks have ended with, “Such a bummer that Connectifier was acquired.”

We understand your need for free flowing information and control of your data. The acquisition was good news for LinkedIn, Connectifier, but ultimately the entire industry as it puts a spotlight on the demand for innovation.

For many of you, the timing of this acquisition couldn’t have come at a better time.

“So there’s a silver lining?” you ask?

Yes! Hang tight, talent experts. Loxo has been building a tool that is going to break the internet.

Okay, maybe not. But you will soon have the best solution to the contact info problem. In fact, we’ve been quietly working on solving this problem since 2013 and are putting the finishing touches on our beloved product.

We built Loxo to help you recruit smarter and faster. We focus on automating your most time consuming tasks as a recruiter, and Loxo Connect is going to change your practice once again. We can’t wait to share it with you.

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Make the perfect hire with Loxo Connect

The Next Generation Talent Intelligence Platform

Part I — The backstory. The world’s top recruiting teams will be agile and much smarter than they are today

Be lean, be early adopters, be the best — the top recruiters do more faster than their competition. Elite recruiting teams embrace agile — and we want our customers to be the world’s best.

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Agile Task Management

Even if you are familiar with the benefits of Agile Project Management principles and Kanban you are likely asking yourself why on earth would a recruiting technology company build Agile Task Management into the product? When you first look at our Task Management, you’ll say to yourself, “this is a simple way to create to-do lists”.

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Precisely — but come on; there has to be more to this. Agile management was originally developed and adopted by software engineering, product, and operations sub groups within larger organizations. Very quickly these non traditional teams, began to out innovate, out maneuver and out perform not just their peers, but entire companies and at a velocity never before possible. These elite teams moved FAST. They were able to consistently execute with laser focus, were more organized, and they systematically crushed their competition. The Agile movement was born.

The exact framework that we built into our software is used by the world’s leading startups, technology titans, and organizations who have adopted lean operations management into their daily routines.

How do we know this is the future

When I founded Loxo in 2012, I invested 18 months in an accelerated learning loop by immersing myself across a consortium of boutique search firms. Entrepreneurs call this phase of a startup Customer Discovery, I called it getting my ass kicked learning full-desk Executive recruiting. I stayed organized by using a combination of a Kanban board and OneNote. To my surprise, I was excited when I saw Agile in practice with not one, but two of the top boutique search firms in Colorado in completely different industry verticals. In fact, the President of an INC 5000 fastest growing company and leading recruiting firm in Denver, was such a fervent proponent of Agile that he required team members to take a SCRUM certification and had a Kanban board with sticky notes on their office wall.

Over the course of the next couple years of Loxo’s lifespan our team has completed thousands of sales discovery conversations and product trials with leading recruiting firms across the country. We validated that Task Management is absolutely core to the daily life of agency recruiting — how a recruiter and a team of recruiters manage their day. Yet, very few except the earliest adopters were aware of Agile or Kanban boards. Instead, what our customers and trial users consistently asked for was what they already had available. This was software designed in the 80’s and 90’s before LinkedIn existed, before job boards came to prominence, before API’s dominated — times have changed. Time and again prospective customers asked for what they were comfortable with and had been doing for decades, however through deep discovery it usually lead back into a circle about aspects of the software they loathed most about their existing systems. Why would we build something that eventually our users would hate and it wouldn’t get us closer to where we all need to be?

We knew Agile operations had a place, but until we had a clear vision for how it fit into our overall product strategy and roadmap, our team remained focused on our long-term vision, which was building the easiest to use, most intelligent, next generation recruiting technology possible. So, in true entrepreneurial spirit we tested our hypotheses and looked at how we could incorporate the best parts of Agile operations and build our technology from the ground up to support the diverse user personas that make up the modern agency ecosystem — the Retained Executive recruiting firm, the contingent and high-level contract staffing firm, RPO, the independent headhunter, the boolean sourcing/researching ninja, the Account Manager who lives closest to the Hiring Managers and of course the C-Level leader who spends as much time with the Venture Capital, industry power players, and local movers and shakers, as they do their internal team members.

It wasn’t until we started to design another interrelated part of our software that we were finally able to see how all the pieces fit together. Every day we challenge our team to build the recruiting software that the market will demand in 2020, but offer it to our users today, so that they are ahead of the curve. We don’t want to inch forward to the year 2020, nor are we interested in rebuilding Loxo in 2020 when technology innovations will be dramatically more advanced than they are today. This requires mind blowing foresight and architectural brilliance which our CTO has delivered on. With this latest release and the upcoming launch of our next generation offerings, we are starting to feel that we are closer than ever to realizing our mission to build the technology that makes the mediocre recruiter a world class recruiter — a true performance enhancing technology.

If you’d like to understand where we are headed, please follow our blog to receive the next blog post — we’ll be back with Part II and III focusing on the actual product releases and show you how they all fit together, and importantly how you can get ahead of the curve…

Smarter, easier recruiting software!

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Loxo Product Updates

New Features and UI/UX Design on person CRM page

The delightful to use, beautiful to look at recruiting CRM

“Making software look simple is easy. Making complex software easy to use is extremely challenging.”

We focus a lot on User Experience and push Loxo to be the very best product available; being minimalistic yet highly functional. You asked to have everything you need on one page, yet still be easy to use and look beautiful. We spent the last 6 weeks designing every last interaction, button and pixel to be perfect to how you work day in and day out.

Everything you need on one page. Easy and fast.

Notes, Tasks, Email, Resume, Events, Reminders…..

Event Stream

Search through your notes and emails or just read the most recent activity in the Event Stream without leaving the page. Yes!!! We all love search bars and we built one for you!

View a highlighted resume and type on the same screen!

A product built with love — made just for you!

Rome wasn’t built in a day

We are on a relentless quest to build the most cutting-edge yet easiest-to-use recruiting technology in the world.

Thank you for joining us on this journey and your support, we couldn’t do it without you.
— The Loxo team

Smarter, easier recruiting software!

Talent Intelligence 2016: The Next Generation Is Coming

Loxo Blog

As 2015 comes to a close and we ring in the New Year we wanted to take a moment to express our deepest gratitude to our customers and the rapidly growing Loxo community. This has been a breakout year we’ll never forget and we are excited to start the new year together.

We’ve been fortunate to attract innovative early adopters, and it’s become very clear why you’re leaders in your niche. You refuse to rest on your laurels, and have sought out cutting edge partners offering new ideas and a vision for the future. You recognize the future of talent acquisition looks very different than it does today and have realized that we are in this together — you need Loxo as much as we need you.

You supported us during our infancy when our product was raw, buggy and imperfect. You believed in our vision realizing that our passion and commitment to building the next generation technology would blossom if we built this together. Loxo would’ve never survived or learned enough to reach this stage in our business without your patience and faith.

We’ve grown exponentially with you this year and as our software has matured you’ve told us that Loxo gives you the feeling that we are becoming the Apple of recruiting software. One of our first objectives was to have the most delightfully simple and elegantly designed product. That was only the beginning. Our story now moves into the next chapter; what differentiates Loxo from all the incredible competitors before us.

Looking ahead in 2016

We’ve shared this story with those of you who were willing to listen and didn’t laugh at us when we said talent intelligence would change the game. Early in 2016 we’ll be introducing features that have been under development for more than three years.

Our team exists to serve your business and make your life a little bit better, every day. These features will enable you to do so much more much faster than ever. We are incorporating everything the intelligent web represents including semantic web, microformats, natural language search, data-mining, machine learning, recommendation agents, and artificial intelligence technologies — which emphasize machine-facilitated understanding of information in order to provide a more productive and intuitive user experience.

In layman’s terms, Loxo was born to create the technology and do for talent acquisition what Tesla, Google, and now every other major automotive company is racing to achieve with self-driving cars. We are creating a smarter vessel that helps you as the pilot, more effectively arrive from point A to point B.

As we all close out 2015, I want to bring this back to our customers, to the people who have supported us, and those who will join us on this long-term journey. We are forever grateful for your business, and for your patient support. Also to our friends, to our world-class team members and most importantly to our families for supporting us during these incredibly challenging startup years. There hasn’t been a single day where we haven’t felt like David competing against Goliath and we realize that will probably never change. The path ahead is uncertain and full of obstacles. What we can promise you is that we will never quit and we will never waver in our quest to do something extraordinary, and as we continue along this journey together we’ll never lose sight of what it means to earn the support, respect and loyal friendship of a customer.

Thank you. We wish you a prosperous and happy New Year.

p.s. we were also fortunate to celebrate not one, but two life milestones in 2015 . Both Co-Founders, Ilia and Matt married their better halves and the Loxo family has never been stronger…

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Loxo Blog

Bringing you another recruiting industry first Loxo has completely reimagined Task Management

In our relentless quest to be the #1 technology innovator across the Applicant Tracking System and CRM software landscape, we are excited to announce our latest release.

How some customers are using it: Daily To Do lists, call lists, interview tracking, tracking your sales pipeline activity, even reminders to call mom!

Planning your day and staying organized has never been easier or more effective.

Bringing you another #recruiting industry first. Cool new #hrtech

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Click here to see the new Tasks in action

Fun and easy to use — Loxo uses a Kanban approach to visually organizing sets of tasks. Drag and drop your tasks from To do, to In Progress, to Completed….or edit the board to track whatever tasks are most critical.

What is Kanban and why is it so valuable? Read this amazing blog post from a leader in Agile software principles, Atlassian.

At Loxo we spend a lot of time talking about Usability, Customer Experience and the power of implementing Agile lean operations. Being able to out execute your competition is a game changer, and if you’re not familiar with Agile lean methodologies we are excited to be able to introduce it to your team to be more productive and stay organized.

Until today, there was no effective and easy way to plan your daily tasks and dominate your To Do List. The best part about this is how simple it is to create and manage your daily to do list, and it’s private and customizable for each user.

Rome wasn’t built in a day

We are on a relentless quest to build the most cutting-edge yet easiest-to-use recruiting technology in the world, while ultimately helping ambitious people reach their greatest potential.

Thank you for joining us on this journey, we couldn’t do it without you and look forward to your continued support and feedback.
– The Loxo Team

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Loxo Introduces State-of-the-Art People Search and Data Mining

We’re excited to announce the launch of our state-of-the-art search and data mining capabilities.

The details are below, but there’s also some fun anticipation in this post about the unbelievable velocity at which our startup is evolving and what’s coming next on our product roadmap. As Loxo’s software matures, our customers and community are finally starting to see the differentiation in our technology and with each big release, it becomes more apparent just how lofty our long-term vision really is. We’d love to invite you toSign up for our newsletter to receive major updates and follow our progress as we continue along our journey in creating the Next Generation Talent Intelligence Platform.

We’ve decided to keep the details for the second phase of this release under wraps until the big launch, and we’ll share that in a Part 2 Newsletter announcement.

Enough about us, let’s talk about how this helps you be more successful, because that’s really all that matters.

  • This will enable you to find and engage more of the best people in less time than ever before.
  • This also enables you to create smarter lists and sub groups of people in your database. Use Loxo’s tags and start to slice and dice your ATS/CRM database in ways that give you a huge competitive advantage.

Find the best candidate in record-breaking time. Cool new #hrtech


Loxo Blog

Click here to see the new search in action

Part 1: Search & filter by many data fields at once including:

  • Key words
  • Your Tags
  • People owned by you or any team member(s)
  • Compensation Range
  • Company and or job title
  • Location and zip code
  • By Source
  • By date ranges (either date created or most recent activity)
  • Any words inside resumes and your notes

Rome wasn’t built in a day

We are on a relentless quest to build the most cutting-edge yet easiest-to-use recruiting technology in the world, while ultimately helping ambitious people reach their greatest potential.

Thank you for joining us on this journey, we couldn’t do it without you and look forward to your continued support and feedback.
– The Loxo Team

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In the Age of Technology, Your Technology Partner is Everything

Loxo Blog

For the recruiters and talent acquisition leaders who have yet to hear about Loxo, your timing couldn’t be better. We’d love to introduce you to our humble startup that is one of the fastest growing HR Tech platforms in the country.

Loxo is not your ordinary applicant tracking system. We are a cutting edge tech startup developing the next generation recruiting platform. This is an important differentiator to both our users and our business vision.

In the age of technology — it’s never been more important to select the very best technology partner you can or risk being left in the dust.

Over the months and years ahead we will push the boundaries of what’s possible from a technology perspective and do everything we can to give you a competitive advantage and build better relationships.

What exactly does that mean for you, and could there finally be a dream tool?

Loxo is the easiest to use recruiting platform offering a modern and delightful user experience, however — our secret sauce is under the hood and despite it’s ease of use, Loxo is unlike any recruiting system before it.

The pace of industry change is accelerating — have you noticed? Let us know and join the conversation. The war for talent and ability to recruit the best has never been more competitive. We have a long term vision and steadfast belief in helping provide you with the most intelligent technology on the entire market. That ultimately allows you to do so much more with your time — you get to choose how to spend it! We genuinely appreciate your interest in learning more about Loxo — we exist to help the leaders in talent acquisition have the tools of tomorrow, that you need today to stay ahead of all the noise.

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A Level Playing Field

Loxo Blog

As entrepreneurs, small business owners and recruiters, starting work on Monday sometimes feels like walking onto the field in the picture above, with the odds a bit stacked against us. Entrepreneur Magazine recently published an article “4 Ways to Level the Playing Field of Small Business Recruitment,” highlighting the critical role small businesses play in job growth, but also the competitive disadvantages they sometimes face due to lack of scale.

This challenge is likely dual-edged for you if you are running your own desk or are part of a small team. You need to attract top recruiters to your organization to help you grow your business and you need to be able to find and compel top talent to join your client’s teams.

Now we’ll forgive the author for not recognizing how a recruiter can be an amazing option for a small businesses to connect with top talent, but her points about not having time or resources to waste and the democratizing impact of technology are on point. These are the same opportunity gaps that the Loxo team wants to help you bridge. Your clients need you to deliver high quality candidates ASAP. You do not have time to waste searching through multiple files or handwritten notes to identify that right candidate. You need an efficient way to scour the vast amount of information and connections online to keep your pipeline of potential candidates fresh. You do want to invest tens of thousands of dollars in an applicant tracking system that is not intuitive, easy to use or robust enough to meet all of your needs.

We wholeheartedly agree with the author’s conclusion, “By accessing many of the same tools large companies use, those top candidates are within their [small businesses’] reach.” Loxo exists to give you an even better ATS than large companies use, and to level that playing field. Innovation and entrepreneurship drive the economy and we’re excited to partner with you to grow.

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Loxo Introduces Cutting Edge CRM Along With New UI Design

Combining the power of the world’s most delightful applicant tracking system with a cutting edge CRM to give you everything you need under one roof.

We’re excited to announce our latest release — and man is this a big one! The engineering and product team have poured blood, sweat and tears into delivering what may be our largest overall product release in our history.

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Life is short — shouldn’t you choose software you love to use?


UX. Product Design. Intelligence.

Our customers User Experience means everything to us. It’s built into our mission, embedded in our team’s DNA, and will always be a core focus to our business.

We are constantly challenging our team to raise the bar and push the boundaries of what is technically possible, to reimagine how recruiting software should look as well as function, and bring you the most user friendly and intelligent recruiting software on the planet.

The magic of the user experience in Loxo comes to life when you start to interact with the CRM, and are able to watch what unfolds. You will find this experience to be drastically different from traditional applicant tracking systems available on the market and that is why we are so excited to be able to bring this to our customers.


With the addition of the CRM Loxo has delivered unsurpassed value within one simple tool to not only map the talent market and facilitate recruiting functions, but also manage all your contacts, accounts and activities for yourself or your entire organization. Now you can see a history of any associated event, job, talent pipeline, team member activity, even emails/notes, etc. all in one place and it automatically updates without any manual effort or unnecessary data entry. Now that’s smart!

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