Recruiters have been leveraging technology to simplify the recruiting process and make their jobs easier for decades. While one of the first waves of recruitment technology came in the mid ‘90s with the ATS, AI recruiting has been the dominant trend in the 21st century. 

The shift to AI, however, doesn’t have to do with only technology. With a labor climate that continues to move towards transitory projects and short-term contracting, the demand to fill in positions with high-quality candidates has increased accordingly. And since earning a Bachelor’s degree has become a necessity for most industries, it’s become harder for recruiters and companies to identify top talent among the masses.

AI recruiting software has helped recruiters identify candidates of a higher quality at a higher pace, and because of the competitive nature of the current job market, it’s become more of a necessity for recruiters to integrate AI software into their recruitment strategies.

AI Recruiting Software Features

When looking for your own recruiting AI technology, you want to make sure that the software in question has the appropriate features you’ll need to accelerate your recruiting process. 

Here are some of the things you want to look for in a state-of-the-art AI recruiting software.

  • Sourcing Automation: Sourcing automation will allow you to find top talent at rates the humans simply can’t match. The steps for an innovative sourcing automation features are simple: first, let the AI know what kind of candidate you’re looking for by filling out a simple form, and, second, go about your busy schedule and complete other tasks while the system unearths top talent and compiles a list for you.
  • ATS+CRM: A smart CRM will bring together data from your ATS and provide you with innovative tools that automate data entry and compile information in an organized manner. Like with much of AI’s appeal, the key here is to provide a fast and smart, all-in-one solution to otherwise time-consuming and disparate programs. You can tracking candidates across every step in the recruiting process, including through talent pools that you wouldn’t otherwise have access to. 
  • AI Talent Matching: . AI-based recruiting technology also leverages talent matching to help you fill jobs faster-than-ever before. It does this by going through your candidate database and matching talent to your open roles. This helps you to decrease your time-to-hire and increase revenue as a result.
  • Job Sharing: Smart job sharing features will allow you to make posts for job descriptions on several job websites. Job sharing technology will also look to relevant job-searching social media platforms and post job descriptions as needed. 
  • Database Refreshing: One of the most time-consuming and tedious tasks that, with the help of technology, is no longer a part of the recruiting process is constantly updating your candidate database with verified contact information. Not only does recruitment AI software automatically find and update candidate information, it is more accurate than data you’ll find from list providers. 

AI Recruiting Software Benefits

Recruiters should expect to simplify their workflow and streamline tedious steps in the recruiting process with the utilization of AI recruiting software. But how, specifically, will implementing AI into your hiring process improve your life as a recruiter?

  • Rate of Hire: With the help of resume parsing and sourcing automation, you can expect a significant increase in your rate of hire. The hiring climate has reached a point where candidates expect quality candidates within days of their request. The various capabilities that AI recruiting provide will help you fill those needs in quick time.
  • Quality of Hire: Because AI sourcing and candidate evaluating technology is based on the objective metrics that you input into the system, you can be assured that the system will source candidates objectively and accurately. This means eliminating bias from the screening process, utilizing more data pools to reach higher-quality hires, and relying on accurate measurements of skill and talent. 
  • Candidate Experience: AI is improving candidate experience in several ways. Chatbox automation provides candidates with instantaneous answers to their questions so recruiters can get to other important tasks, and a CRM will make it easier to organize contact information for when recruiters need to make a direct call. Additionally, candidates will notice more accurate and successful match rates with your clients, thus becoming more satisfied with their hiring experience. 
  • Streamlining Other Key Metrics: With more tools to streamline and simplify tedious work tasks, you can expect other key metrics, such as cost-per-hire, time-to-fill, and candidate retention rate, to improve.

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